Monday, June 21, 2010

I Hate Eel

This weekend was really hot and humid. On such a day, my darling and I crave for sushi :D We again went to Sushi Misakimaru for dinner. I love their sushi since they serve at low price!

Wow! They might have miscalculated our total!!! We just paid about 3,500yen ($35) all together including alcoholic beverages (cold sake and beer)!

Anyway, I hate eel because it is greasy at the back. However their eel is different. Not greasy at all but thick and light. I think I acquired a liking for eel :)

Do you have any likes and dislikes for certain sushi?

I know it takes nerve to try ones you don't like, but don't be prejudiced! I hope I can love sea urchin and chewy fish someday...

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