Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Dearest Wedding Dress Coordinator

It was in February when I first met her at the dress shop. There are many wedding dress shops in Tokyo, but I just happened to go there after scouring few other shops because their rental fee was 50% off at that time.

First, my darling and I planned to rent our tuxedo and dress for NY (photo wedding in July). In the fitting room, I talked my coordinator that I used to live in NY, and surprisingly, she said she also used to live in NY and worked as a hairdresser. Then she said she used to work at the salon in Harrison, where I used to live!!! Isn't it amazing?! Sorry my darling, we made him wait outside for a long time and talked. But at the same time, I found the very best dress for NY with her.

Anyway, all dresses there were my taste, and I enjoyed playing dress-up. So without question, we rented our costumes for October as well. I will show you all the dresses I tried after our wedding in October ;)

But unfortunately, she is going to leave the job today, 6/8. She is going to take care of her dad in her hometown. So on Sunday, we went to see her again. This time we chose my darling's tuxedo for October wedding, which we postponed. (sorry my darling...) Anyway, we had a good time and chose perfect ones! Please look forward to seeing our wedding costumes!!!

I really miss her but I hope she makes her dad happy with her smile :D

Thank you!!!

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