Monday, June 7, 2010

7th Anniversary

6/7 is the day I met my darling! It has been already 7 years since then. Time flies... This year, I was kind of busy with our new home, wedding and my cooking stuff, so I forgot to remind him of the day! I hope he remembers...

My hair is not that straight at the bottom now! I fixed it last Wednesday, as you know.

Busy every day but I need to think before I act!

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  1. Whatever your hais're still very pretty!

  2. Congrads Ochi, your hair looks beautiful!!

  3. Thank you merce-san,

    You are too nice. Ha-ha ;)

  4. Hi Jo,

    Thanks! You know what!? My darling was so busy that he forgot the day... I was busy, too, so I didn't have a power to nag him!!! I think I gotta ask him to celebrate this weekend!!!

  5. Wow...7th years!!! That's long..

    I mean compare to Ken and I.We had been together only for 3 years..

  6. Hi jose,

    7 years were really quick! I thought you were with Ken for more than 3 years!!! 7 years will come soon for you, too ;) He-he!!!


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