Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Italian Lunch Buffet @ INOW

Before I forget, we had delicious Italian lunch buffet in Jiyugaoka last week.

INOW is the finest organic Italian restaurant since 1983. My darling picked up a flyer with 200-yen-off coupon at the train sation, so we decided to go there to have lunch.

Their buffet menu includes:

1, all-you-can-eat antipasto and seasonal breads
2, all-you-can-drink wines, tea, coffee, and juice
3, pizza or pasta of the day
4, seasonal dessert

What attracted us was "all-you-can-drink wine". Their pink sparkling wine was really refreshing when the weather is hot. We felt like putting on the ritz. He-he ;)

The total was 1600yen per person with the coupon. We don't drink that much wine, but pretty good deal for those who drink!

Anyway, we have steaming muggy days for 2 weeks or more. Drink water!!!

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