Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ANIMENTINE - Bossa Du Anime

Do you know any Japanese Anime song?!

Lately my darling bought this refined bossa nova covers of the most popular Anime songs sung by Clémentine. It is a new style to enjoy Anime songs such as SAZAE SAN, DORAMEMON, CHIBIMARUKO CHAN, and etc... All the generations are represented in this album.

Born in Paris, Clémentine has always been surrounded by jazz thanks to her father who collected records. She started her career in 1988 at Sony France. Since then she has released many jazz, pop and bossa nova albums. Now she is the most popular French singer in Japan.

Like jazz, her songs are soothing that helps me relax. You can preview her songs HERE! Well... I hope my home suits my favorite music... I mean, it's pretty messy to relax!!!

Anyway, have a good time!!!

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