Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Taberu La-Yu

La-Yu or Ra-Yu (辣油) is chili-infused sesame oil (a type of chili oil) that we use in Japan as a cooking ingredient or as a condiment. It is usually made by heating a non-volatile oil with spices, let cool, add sesame oil, and store in sterile glass container for few days to mellow.

La-Yu is mostly used for gyoza sauce with soy sauce and vinegar to give a hint of hot taste. It can be used for soups and stir-fries, too!

Taberu La-Yu, which means "Edible La-Yu", is true to it's name EDIBLE! You can eat it as is because it is not as hot as regular La-Yu. Instead, Taberu La-Yu contains shredded or minced savory ingredients, such as leeks, garlic, ginger, and onions.

Now this Taberu La-Yu stormed Japan! In different packaging and ingredients, I see it at stores everywhere. I've tried this Taberu La-Yu lately and was great! Without doubt, it went well with white rice!!! Of course, you can use it as a relish!

Try it out if available :D

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