Tuesday, August 17, 2010

JVC Victor Inner-Ear Headphones HA-FXC71

Recently, I bought JVC Victor's high quality inner-ear headphones because my bling-bling ones didn't fit well in my ears and I felt uncomfortable listening to music...

These headphones were released on June 6, 2010 in Japan and awarded the Visual Grand-Prix prize for 2010!

Actually, I couldn't imagine paying over 50 bucks for the headphones but these were worth to buy. The sound quality is superb! You can truly enjoy your favorite music!!! My bling-bling ones cost me 20 bucks but was no use... I was fooled by the cute look!

- "Dual Cylinder Structure" cuts down the vibration loss
The vibration loss is decreased by "Metal Housing" adoption of a high rigidity stainless material in addition to "Dual Cylinder Structure" with built-in brass ring with large specific gravity in a hyperbaric body, and a clear sound in which the presence overflows clearly is reproduced.

- The "Vibration Control Gel" suppresses touch noise
The "Vibration Control Gel" is built in the body. An unnecessary vibration is decreased, and the touch noise transmitted from the code is suppressed.

- Silicon ear pieces come in 3 sizes
S, M, and L. Easy to wear and fit well.

What kind of headphones do you have?

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