Monday, August 16, 2010

Yukata Dinner and Fireworks

On Saturday, my darling asked me to wear Yukata (casual summer kimono) for dinner. At first, I refused to wear it because I forgot how to wear it and was very muggy outside. My darling at last searched for an instruction at YouTube and taught me how... it took about an hour to wear it but I was happy with it. He-he :D

When we arrived at the restaurant, there were few people wearing Yukata. I wondered why but we enjoyed the night view of Tokyo Tower! Yes, it was a romantic place to celebrate our 7th anniversary. Then after few minutes, I saw fireworks in distance!!! It was Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks Festival!!! What a surprise!!!

PRIVATE TABLE Mitamura is located in Ebisu. They serve Japanese prix-fixe menus using seasonal ingredients. The owner said they served foods at their best so that we can enjoy foods even if it rained and missed fireworks. Yeah, needless to say, everything was superb!!!

Thanks to my darling. It was such a memorable anniversary :D

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  1. Your yukata is very pretty. I like what your husband is wearing. I've never worn one like his but I would love to someday.

  2. Your yukata is very lovely~
    I have a yukata as well but actually there isn't really a proper time to wear it >___<);;

    and congradulations to you and your husband :)

    It's very wonderful ^o^

  3. Hi Tornadoes28,
    Now Yukata is not that expensive, so I hope you find one you like. BTW, mine was sleeping in the closet for a decade. I just opened it on this day. ha-ha...

  4. Hi Lily,
    Thanks for your comment :D
    I know what you mean!!! And it is too hot to wear it in Summer, especially on the day like today!!!

  5. yukata are so beautiful and you lookk really lovely :)


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