Monday, August 30, 2010

Kérastase Resistance Concentré Vita-Ciment

Kérastase Paris is the professional luxury hair treatment institute.

On Saturday, I went to my usual hair salon to get the Kérastase's hair treatment for FREE. I won the coupon this summer and it was going to expire in the end of August, so I rushed to the salon!

Kérastase Resistance Concentré Vita-Ciment is an intensive reconstructive treatment for weak, damaged hair. It fortifies the hair fiber to add strength and resilience. This ceramic-based concentrated mixture of fortifying ingredients, with the micro-targeted action of the Vita-Ciment Complex, is sprayed and massaged into the hair, section by section using fingertips.

I never knew and experienced the hair massage technique, but it works pretty well and my hair become amazingly straight and shiny ;)

BTW, I use Kérastase Fluide Chroma Riche every day to my towel-dried hair. It provides detangling and styling ease and helps protect from external aggressions. Maximizes color’s radiance and shine. Hair fiber is left softer, more supple to the touch.

What good things do you do for your hair?!

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  1. Your Hair looks beautiful Ochi!! Are you getting excited for your wedding? My hair is bleached from the sun and chlorine from the swimming pool. Totally stripped by haircolor! Will dye it again when I quit swimming, which will be soon!!

  2. Hi jo!
    I'm glad you can realize the change!
    You seem like enjoying swimming ;) I know chlorine changes your hair color! Yes, after you finished swimming is good! I will get the hair treatment again after the wedding since I can't keep my hair too straight to curl my hair for the wedding ;)

  3. Ochi,

    You have a great and long hair!! I love your hair so much.I never had souch a long hair before because I have no patience for that.I always will cut the hair after it get long.

    Love you hair ;)

  4. My hair is naturally curly,always wayward, and often frizzy. I don't like to use lots of hair products because they make it sticky and dull. But sometimes I use a straightening iron on it. I wonder if that stuff could do good things for my unruly mop?
    Anyway, your hair looks beautiful!

  5. Hi jose,

    For me, long hair is easy to take care! I don't have to worry about making my hair! I can simply tie up if I'm in hurry. He-he ;)

  6. Hi Cathy,

    I envy you have curly hair!!! I hate to keep my hair short because I have no volume in my hair X(

    Is that you in the icon? Your hair is nicely unruled!!! Yeah, but I understand, we always ask for the moon...


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