Tuesday, August 31, 2010


What are the "WHYS" in your life right now?

I found this question on Kym's post.
Yeah... I have many whys right now...

Why don't I have time to take a break?
Why do I gain weight easily?
Why my abs are weak (Why my abs can't be developed)?
Why do I have slow reflexes?
Why my darling does not prefer me to become a full-time homemaker?
Why can't I trust people sometimes?
Why what I think is right ends up no good...
Why don't I have a luck to succeed?
Why am I dissatisfied?
Why am I me? (Why can't I be anyone but ME?)

I hope I can get rid of my stresses by writing (shouting) out those!

Wowwwww... To answer my question for homemaker, this article is kind of convincing.
Maid vs. Homemaker

Have a good day :D

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