Friday, August 6, 2010

My Accomplishments

Time flies. Now it's already time to list my accomplishments in July.

On 7/7, my Natto Curry Fried Rice was published in a food magazine called Lettuce Club (7/25 issue). It was introduced on P.112. It's a small article, but I am happy that mine was selected :D

On 7/8, my Sesame Fried Fukujinzuke Pork Rolls won the award for excellence at Shin-Shin corporation's fukujinzuke recipe contest. They asked for Mother's Day recipe using fukujinzuke. Fukujinzuke (福神漬) is one of the most popular kinds of pickles in Japanese cuisine, commonly used as a relish for Japanese curry and rice.

On 7/15, my Gochujang Miso Mayonnaise Minced Meat Rice Bowl won the 2nd award at beef and pork mince recipe contest. Spicy but mild taste makes you want to eat rice ;)

On 7/27, my Chive Gyoza won the award for excellence at Asahibeer's contest. This is my mom's recipe. Chive has a hint of onion flavor. It smells a little like garlic but you can gain strength from it ;) Yummy!!!

Last but not least, I submitted my darling's picture to Sapporo Beer Black Label photo contest. Can you find him here?! He-he ;)

Have a good weekend!!!

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