Friday, September 24, 2010

FedEx Kinko's

It was raining cold yesterday. Believe it or not, the temp dropped down to 66F (19C) from 95F (35C) of the previous day!!!

On such a day, we had to visit Kinko's to print out our wedding stuff since our printer broke X(

It was my darling's idea to go to Kinko's and was a right choice!!! For copying, printing, digital photo enlargements, color printing, business services and shipping, Kinko's stores provide a number of self-service features (besides full-service features) to help you finish your job quickly in a professional way.

Yes! We finished printing 80 copies in few minutes!!! If I get wound up in details, I didn't like the page margins it created, but the quality was fine and if I imagine myself spending enormous time printing those at home, that's not a big deal... I'm saying to myself. Ha-ha!!!

Anyway, I will definitely use Kinko's again for our new year's card and removal notice card, considering the page margins the next time!!!

Keali'i Reichel' s concert yesterday was nice and relaxing but too bad that we were busy with our wedding stuff at the back of our mind...

Have a good weekend!!!

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