Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I recently found Helena Rubinstein's PRODIGY POWERCELL works pretty well on me. I bought it at duty free on my way to New York, attracted by its description:

PRODIGY POWERCELL, scientific prowess, is a precious skincare that stimulates the renewing of the skin for visible results. After 5 days, skin seems recreated. Skin is visibly smoother, more radiant.

Features anti-aging, stimulating & revitalizing properties.
Promotes cellular regeneration & recovers skin’s barrier function.
Accelerates epidermal tissue repair.
Protects skin cells against aging effects of free radicals.
Offers 24 hours re-hydration.
Reduces wrinkles & restores tonicity.
Unveils smoother, brighter & youthful looking complexion.

Formulated with potent antioxidant vegetal stem cells extracted from "Oceanic Crista", the serum has a soft creamy texture. Once you apply, you will notice your face becoming more smooth and your makeup going on more easily!!!

So, what is "Oceanic Crista"?

First appearing in the depths of the ocean, Oceanic Crista gradually migrated to land, eventually blooming on rocky coastlines. It is one of the rare plants able to survive on wave-beaten rocks, and to grow on land where seaspray is usually fatal for other plants, and where the soil is laden with salt. It draws water from deep down, storing it in its plump leaves, making it able to resist longer in arid conditions. Accustomed to fighting for survival over the ages, Oceanic Crista has developed an incredible resistance to time and capacities for survival.

It first sounded scary but now I regret that I should have bought the larger one...

Well, I still love KOSE and L'OCCITANE, so I'm not sure weather I should go with this from now or not. Anyway, someone tell me how to stop pimples!!! I have one under my nose. It sucks!!! Hope it goes away before my wedding.

Talk to you again!

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