Monday, September 13, 2010

What Does Your Name Mean?

My name is Ami (亜美).

A (亜) is from my dad's name and the Kanji means Asia. mi (美) is from my mom's name and the Kanji means Beautiful. My parents wished me to become a beautiful person (who has a heart of gold) in Asia. What a big dream!!!

What does your name mean?

Our wedding is less than a month away from today and we finally started to organize our profiles.

Anyway, it has been already 9 years since 911. I clearly remember that I was writing my graduation thesis in that morning. What were you doing then?

This weekend, I took a pic of myself at our regular cafe, but I just realized my table was messy while I'm smiling... can't post it large...

Bye for now!

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  1. The best I can do is write my name in katakana, which would roughly translate into "baka gaijin." But my Japanese teacher does want us to create Japanese names for ourselves.

  2. My name is Justin Columba.
    Justin is a name of a Saint and was given by my grandmother because she is a very religious woman. Columba on the other hand came from my mom. It's also her name. And it is the latin word for DOVE. hehehe. So that would mean that I'm like a Saint and also like a dove that symbolizes peace and unity.

  3. Hi Punk1119,

    Oh, do you study Japanese?! But how do you create your own name in Japanese?! Does your teacher want you to create a nickname? I'm curious :D

  4. Hi justin,

    What a nice name!!! But do you Filipino usually have western names?!

  5. Thank you so much. I like it too because it is a very unique combination and there is no one in the Philippines with the same combination as mine. haha

    Most Filipino names are influenced by Western and Hispanic Cultures because of being colonized by these two countries before.

  6. Hi justin,

    Very interesting to know that!!! Your name is really beautiful and holy!

  7. Ya, I'm currently in my second semester of Japanese. My teacher wants us to create a nickname for ourselves just for fun. One student from several years ago took his real name and turned it into a Japanese one- He took the "ryuu" sound from "Andrew" and used that, and his last name was "Long", which he just translated. Nagai Ryuu-san.

  8. Hi Punk1119,

    Ha-ha! That sounds fun! Yeah, Nagai Ryuu san I think is a decent name ;)

  9. my name is Gilda Christie
    Christie from Christmas cause i was born in christmas day :D
    and Gilda, i dont know maybe my mom just get it from baby names book. haha. it means gold. so hopefully i'll be very rich someday lol


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