Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Accomplishments

Again, it is time to list my accomplishments!

On 9/7, my Olive Oil and Soy Sauce Marinated Spinach and Bacon was introduced on the campaign site at Cookpad. My recipe was posted as an example using Cielo's olive oil.

On 9/10, my Healthy Black Smoothie won the award for excellence. I used black ingredients such as black sesame seeds, black vinegar and black beans!

On 9/13, my Healthy Pan-Fried Minced Cutlet received the 100th report! Also, my Western Style Sweet and Sour Crab Omelet received the 10th report :D

On 9/14, I won a box of pear at the 35th anniversary campaign of Save the Earth Group. I was the 350th follower of their tweets, so that's why! I never thought of winning something on twitter!!!

Last but not least, my biggest award in September was the special award at Jambalaya Original Recipe Contest 2010! My darling and I are going to use the prize (dinner coupon) on our first marriage anniversary on 11/22!!!

I will be busy again this month but I'll always do my best.

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