Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy 101 Award

I received this Happy 101 Award from mica of baby love. She has a good eye for fashion and I'm glad she likes Japanese stuff, too ;) Her blog is so sweet posting about cute stuff she bought online! Since I don't shop that often, I learn a lot from her!!!

With this award, I am supposed to list in 5 words, my blogging philosophy, motivation and experience...

1. LOVE (Always)
2. Creative Cooking (This is my motivation for cooking!)
3. Happiness (I simply love the word "Happy")
4. Cute (I love cute stuff)
5. Informative (I want to share many things about Japan. Foods of course but daily stuff in Japan as well!)

And now, I will pass on this award to jose of Jose's Diary!!! She is such a hard worker! She always tries her best which I should learn from her. She recently started to learn about the cosmetics (makeup) besides her work and I was amazed by her change. I think to stay beautiful, we simply need to do our best to find what make us beautiful! Taking the second best does not improve. That's what I always learn from her.

Last but not least, my darling bought me the Beaujolais Nouveau last night! That was really surprising! Of course I hugged and kissed him ;) hehe!

Have a good weekend :D

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  1. Congrads on yur award you deserve it! :)

  2. Ochi,

    Thanks..and I did my post too in my blog.

  3. Hi jo!!!

    Thanks!!! I'm not the person who has many friends online, but I am glad to receive it :)

    If I know you come back today, I should have gave it to you, too!!! But anyway, I know you are busy, and so do I, so please write me whenever ;)

  4. Hi jose,

    I just checked your post!!! FJ will be happy to receive it ;) I like you sisters :)

  5. ur cooking is most certainly creative! i think im gonna try ur recipe "Colourful Vegetables Steam Rice" =) its a good mix of colours and so so healthy! when i do attempt this dish, i'll upload pictures n link u to them =) also glad u love to share abt daily stuff in japan, cos i definitely want to know more about japan, the food, & the lifestyle!

    i just went to a japanese grocery store with the boyfriend today n i did a snacks haul! love japanese snacks *smiles*. will update soon.

    ur hubby's such a loving hubby to get u that very special wine! he definitely deserves those kisses & hugs ;)

    till nxt time!


  6. Hi mica,

    Thanks for liking my cooking and Japanese stuff ;) I hope I can update more of them!

    I love Japanese snacks, but there are too many new ones coming out, so for my health, I stopped trying them out...

    Yes! The wine was really special, as you know :P hehe!


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