Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SPAM Recipe Contest 2010

Do you know SPAM?

SPAM is a canned precooked meat product made by the Hormel Foods Corporation. It's not the spam e-mail. he-he!

This afternoon, I attended the finals of SPAM Recipe Contest 2010. 12 finalists were shortlisted for this event! Our recipes were re-created by the food specialists (Yoko Hamada and her assistants), so we didn't actually have to cook our own recipes (except pros) which was free of care :)

Unfortunately, my recipe did not get a prize, but I had a fun time trying out all those creative recipes and seeing SPAMMY! He was really cute! Funny that he has looooooong legs!!!

The contest will be held again (in Japan) the next year, so I will definitely apply for it again! My darling loves SPAM, so I know he would enjoy my creations, too ;)

I will translate my recipe of Salty Sweet SPAM Pork Balls later when I get a chance. It's a perfect recipe for bento since it goes great with white rice. At the same time, it's a tasty appetizer for your sake!

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  1. very cute Spammy is Ochi!! I could never eat Spam myself, but my mom absolutely loved it! It seemed like it was slimy to me, especially when you take it out of the can. So I never developed a taste for Spam! I'm sure you've come up with some great recipes!!

  2. Hi jo,

    Me, too... I don't eat SPAM for the similar reasons... so I'm glad my darling LOVES it. he-he!!!

    But I can eat SPAM when it's panbroiled until crisp like bacon!

  3. Ochi,

    I never notice we have Spam in SG or not..and I don't think we have..

    We have other brands which are quite similar to this brand too.

    And the spammy is cute!!

  4. *mmm* spam! i love spam musubi! hehehe! share your recipe already! :D

  5. Hi jose,

    What is the name of the other brand?!
    Does it taste good?!
    I'm just curious. hehe ;)

  6. Hi Kym,

    Yes! My darling loves spam musubi, too ;)
    I will post my recipe someday soon!!!

  7. salty sweet spam pork balls? i tink i'll love it! waiting in anticipation for the recipe, cos like ur darling, im a HUGE spam lover too ;D

    p.s. i only eat spam when it's crispy too!


  8. Hi mica!

    I will translate my recipe soon!

    This one is not that crisp but I can eat, so you can ;)


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