Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are the gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom after the wedding reception. In Japan, we usually combine a food gift and a product gift.

The most popular food gift is Baumkuchen, since it represents longevity and the long-lasting prosperity of the family. Of course, you can present a pound cake or whatever you like, but we chose Baumkuchen without question! Same as our wedding cake, our Baumkuchen is from the pastry shop anniversary!

Then the most popular product gift is a "catalog". I don't know how we call it in English, but we call it "catalog gift". As you can see, it's a catalog that you can select an item that you want to receive later at home! Long ago, it was simply a booklet, but nowadays, it's in an album style, so you can use the album later!!! You can include a thank you card in the catalog, too! No wonder I chose the heart-patterned album. hehe! Of course, instead of catalog gift, you can present anything you like, but we wanted to give our guests a choice ;)

Last but not least, we also prepared a petit gift. It's a butterfly with 5 Jordan almonds. Five Jordan almonds symbolize five wishes for the bride and groom: health, happiness, fertility, financial stability, and longevity ;) I hung them on my arm and gave one by one to the guests when we saw them off! Why not heart?! Because we wanted to close with a butterfly since our invitation card was a butterfly, too!

Hope you enjoyed our idea :D

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  1. Ochi, gave a lot of gifts to your friends..

    I attended some family's wedding before,guess what we got?Fridge magnet with the cartoon face on it..quite cute.

    Some gave foods /biscuits but never a catalogue like you did..

    Great gifts!

  2. Hi jose,

    Yes. I think Japanese wedding cost money!
    Actually, I will write about it later, but the guests have to bring gifts of money to attend the wedding. That's why we have to pay all back to them at the ceremony :)

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  4. the idea of handing out the petite gift personally to ur guests is such a sincere and appreciative gesture! i've been to weddings b4, and @ those, the cake is just placed on the table, and we'll take them by ourselves. the bride & groom dont hand them to us. i like ur idea =)

    i googled what baumkuchen was, and its a layered cake? we have something like that back in singapore. very buttery and sweet, but absolute yumminess. apparently very time-consuming baking job, cos of the layers. in singapore, we call such layered cakes "kueh lapis" (kueh means cake, and lapis i think means layers). =)

    love, mica

  5. WOW you gave your friends a lot of cool gifts! Great ideas!

  6. Thanks Maria,

    Yes I will submit! I used to submit my blog but now I got stuck to find such a site. Thanks!!!

  7. Hi mica,

    We decided to hand over one by one to say thank you to everyone!!! The reception is about 3 hours and if we divide the time by the number of people, we just have 2-3 minutes per person, so that is why we wanted to be sure to say thank you to everyone :D

    Kueh lapis is something different, I guess. It doesn't have a hole in the middle, No? But I searched on the net and found it looks pretty similar!!! I wish I could try that out one day!!!

  8. Hi Deborah,

    Thanks! I'm glad I gave you an idea ;)

  9. hi dear, oh yes u're right! kueh lapis doesnt have that hole in the middle! n i think kueh lapis is sweeter & more buttery. very fattening!! but it's 1 of the must have items on the table for guests to enjoy over the chinese lunar new year home visits =D

    how does that japanese layered cake taste? i would love to try it too! japanese food is always yummy yummy!

    love, mica

  10. hi mica,

    >>1 of the must have items on the table for guests to enjoy over the chinese lunar new year home visits
    That's interesting to know!!!

    Baumkuchen is buttery, too, but mostly not that sweet!!! There are many yummy ones!!! I hope you try it out someday!!!

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