Friday, December 3, 2010

iPhone App Lost Data!

Today, fuck (now I would say...) iPhone app lost all data which I kept for about a year, DAILY!!! I always try to b/u important data, but it just happened. Damn!!! Am I careless or what?! I just can't believe it! Of course I claimed the author of the app. I don't think they can help me, though...

By the way, I p/o important e-mails, b/u my important files (since our PC is 6 years old), and I even b/u my blog posts (I don't think I'm gonna retrieve all my posts when corrupted but just in case I won't feel mad...). But I do those once in 2 months. Do I better do every month or week?!

I'm really disappointed by what just happened on me...

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