Friday, December 3, 2010

iPhone App Lost Data!

Today, fuck (now I would say...) iPhone app lost all data which I kept for about a year, DAILY!!! I always try to b/u important data, but it just happened. Damn!!! Am I careless or what?! I just can't believe it! Of course I claimed the author of the app. I don't think they can help me, though...

By the way, I p/o important e-mails, b/u my important files (since our PC is 6 years old), and I even b/u my blog posts (I don't think I'm gonna retrieve all my posts when corrupted but just in case I won't feel mad...). But I do those once in 2 months. Do I better do every month or week?!

I'm really disappointed by what just happened on me...

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  1. Aren't you back up iPhone data daily?
    iTune keeps back up of your data on your computer if you do frequently connected to them.

    It is normally wise to hook it up with your computer at the end of day to make sure you got your back up data from day.

    Save me several time when some of App screw up my ipod.

  2. Hi Hide-san,

    Yes I do, but I don't know when the app lost data... It might be more than a week ago... So I don't think restoring iPhone will retrieve what I want X(


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