Monday, December 6, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you mica for passing me the Versatile Blogger Award! I love the award with such a positive name! It makes me feel motivated!!!

In accepting this award, I've got to: (1) thank and link the person who gave me this award, (2) share 7 facts about myself, and (3) pass the award to 7 other blogs that I've recently discovered and leave them a note to tell them about the award.

I already thanked mica, so I will list 7 facts about myself!

I love pink but fuchsia pink! That's why my wedding flowers and my colored dress were in fuchsia pink. And of course, my iPhone is in fuchsia pink, too :D

I don't prefer to eat sweets since my darling doesn't like sweets... Maybe that's why I don't have that many sweets recipes. Good for my health, though!

When I'm angry, my darling always goes to sleep. But in fact, I LOVE his sleeping face. For me, he looks cute when he is asleep. I always forgive him while he's sleeping... X(

I love hula but the teacher! My hula teacher used to join the idle group called Ribbon, so she is really cute and has her aura!!! I respect her a lot and I want to be like her. So, that's why I go to hula every Thursday night even after work and do video taking after every term, not to forget what she taught us ;)

As you know... I make a mistake with enthusiasm...

I never did cooking before I met my darling but loved to create things (drawings, making tables, and many other art stuff)! I didn't even help my mom... After I met him, I realized cooking is a practical way to be creative, so that's why I loved it and I think I will cook my art forever!!!

I love NY, the place where I met my darling. We visit there every summer since we came back to Japan in 2004.

I know many are busy so I'm not leaving a note, but this award goes to jo, Nazarina, merce, theda_bara,  fran, Genki Gaijin Girl, and Cathy. Please do when you have time :D

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