Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Accomplishments

Now again it is time to list my Accomplishments in November!

On 11/3, I attended the finals of SPAM Recipe Contest 2010. Details are HERE.

On 11/3, my Montblanc-Like Egg Salad was broadcast on CookTV. HERE, you can view the video of it! As its name suggests it looks like the sweet but actually is salad. hehe ;)

On 11/4, I attended the award ceremony of the Quick Scallop Recipe Contest held in Hokkaido. Details are HERE. The ceremony also appeared on the news. The award-winning are now on the web.

On 11/15, my Tandoori Okara Chicken Nuggets was appeared on P.81 of a recipe mook (magazine book) published by Kodansha.

On 11/11, my Sweet And Sour Potato Pork Roll won a prize and received 3 packages of frozen vegetable. Delcy sells frozen vegetables and they asked for bento recipes using their products.

On 11/18, 10th person has photo reported my Neapolitan Stir Fried Cabbage. Instead of using pasta, I used cabbage to cook spaghetti Neapolitan. Real healthy and yummy :D My darling loves it!

On 11/30, my Miso Mushrooms Marinated Matcha Soba received the highest award at Tomisen (soba dealer)'s website. Like I marinate greens, I marinated Matcha Soba, which is made of green powdered tea (the tea used for tea ceremony).

On 11/30, 10th person has photo reported my Tuna Egg Sandwich! Oh, btw, the photo reports are available down the page I linked. Sorry the site is in Japanese.

And I received the Smile Award at ABC Smile Recipe Contest and the Idea Award at Asadaame Contest, but not big enough to write about.

It is funny that the recipes I think good don't receive an award but those I don't put that much effort always get a place...

Life is not easy!!!

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  1. wow this is amazing!!! all the food dishes look delicious! you should be very pruod of yourself and it certainly doesn't seem to be easy to be you to have to create all these wonderful recipes! haha life is always like that, people always like the ones/things you don't like =P

  2. Hi suki pooki!

    Thanks for liking those :) You are absolutely right! Maybe my pink and your pink might be different. hehe! I think Kym and those who opened up their own businesses are brave! I might be shocked each time when I knew such a difference. haha!!!

  3. i watched the video dear! haha are jap videos always so cute? its sad i dont understand what's being said in the video though... that egg salad looks like a cupcake! very creative, and that mashed potato mash as a sort of cupcake frosting looks yummy :) definitely deserves to be featured in that cooking show video! u're famous online n im glad we're friends *smiles*

    my eyes dazzled when i saw that pic of ur sweet n sour potato pork roll dish... looks really appetising! congrats on the prize winning... what are u going to do with the 3 packages of frozen vege?

    love, mica

  4. p.s. have u noticed that im a potato addict? hehe...

    oh and i replied to ur previous comment on my blog --->

  5. Life is funny like that sometimes right?!?!

    LOOK AT YOU OCHI!!! Going places.. getting on TV and recipe books!!! I am so happy for you.. you're right, just act... stop thinking (well, you still have to think a little, hehe) and DO SOMETHING! Keep up the good work, i'm excited to see the places you'll go.

    P.S - will you cook for me and my hubby-to-be when we go to japan someday?! hehe!

  6. Hi mica,

    Thanks for watching the video!!! I'm not that popular...X( There are many popular bloggers in Japan, you know!!!

    >sweet n sour potato pork roll
    I will translate this someday soon ;) But maybe at the time you forget. I have so many to post. hehe

    >3 packages of frozen vege
    I don't usually use frozen vege... so I have no idea at this moment, but maybe I use when I need a space in my freezer! haha

  7. Hi mica,

    Thanks for your reply! I just commented back to you!

  8. Hi Kym,

    Thanks! But the fact is I am at the same level for few years... so next year I'm thinking of a little change!!! I have to be brave enough to start, though. haha

    Yes! I will cook for you two :D

  9. Ochi, won so many prizes again last month!! Every month I started to wait for your accomplishment's post because it had became a habit for me to read what prizes you won again.Haha..that's funny!!


  10. Hi jose,

    Yeah, you are right. It's now my habit to list these...
    But in this way, I feel praised doing housework (cooking), you know! I'm like a kid. hehe


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