Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Accomplishments

Now again it is time to list my Accomplishments in November!

On 11/3, I attended the finals of SPAM Recipe Contest 2010. Details are HERE.

On 11/3, my Montblanc-Like Egg Salad was broadcast on CookTV. HERE, you can view the video of it! As its name suggests it looks like the sweet but actually is salad. hehe ;)

On 11/4, I attended the award ceremony of the Quick Scallop Recipe Contest held in Hokkaido. Details are HERE. The ceremony also appeared on the news. The award-winning are now on the web.

On 11/15, my Tandoori Okara Chicken Nuggets was appeared on P.81 of a recipe mook (magazine book) published by Kodansha.

On 11/11, my Sweet And Sour Potato Pork Roll won a prize and received 3 packages of frozen vegetable. Delcy sells frozen vegetables and they asked for bento recipes using their products.

On 11/18, 10th person has photo reported my Neapolitan Stir Fried Cabbage. Instead of using pasta, I used cabbage to cook spaghetti Neapolitan. Real healthy and yummy :D My darling loves it!

On 11/30, my Miso Mushrooms Marinated Matcha Soba received the highest award at Tomisen (soba dealer)'s website. Like I marinate greens, I marinated Matcha Soba, which is made of green powdered tea (the tea used for tea ceremony).

On 11/30, 10th person has photo reported my Tuna Egg Sandwich! Oh, btw, the photo reports are available down the page I linked. Sorry the site is in Japanese.

And I received the Smile Award at ABC Smile Recipe Contest and the Idea Award at Asadaame Contest, but not big enough to write about.

It is funny that the recipes I think good don't receive an award but those I don't put that much effort always get a place...

Life is not easy!!!

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