Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Accomplishments

Hi! I am quickly updating my accomplishments in December before the year ends.

On 12/1, I received the 10th cooking report for my Montblanc-Like Egg Salad recipe. It was broadcast on CookTV last month. HERE, you can view the reports! Thank you!!!

On 12/10, my award winning Scallop Roses from Quick Scallop Recipe Contest appeared on a magazine book called Lettuce Club (12/25 issue P.80). I bought it since my recipe was printed large :D

On 12/13, my Keema Curry And Soba Rice won the grand prize at the 爽健美茶 (sokenbicha) - Japanese tea recipe contest. They asked for recipes that goes good with the tea. My curry and rice is made of yakisoba noodle and seasonings. It is really easy and tasty! I received a comment from a famous entertainer キム兄 (kimni)! Yay!!!

On 12/20, my Baked Kimcheese Potato won a prize at QBB cheese recipe contest. As I named, I baked Kimchi and potato with cheese on top. Simple and delicious :D

On 12/24, I received the Jif award at Jif (cream kitchen cleanser) recipe contest. They asked for recipes which celebrates their 30th anniversary. I served hashed beef (5 servings) in a large hot plate with rice decorations ;)

On 12/27, I received the good idea award for my Rolled Omelette Rice Castle. I thought my Hikarin Rice would won the award... but anyway, I know that things never work out as I expect...

Snap out of it! I'll do my best again in 2011!!!

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