Monday, December 27, 2010


On Christmas, my darling gave me a cute pink robot flash drive.

My darling uses yellow one and I was telling him that I want one (the same one) but what he bought me was a pink one. Yeah... I love the color but I don't feel comfortable with it's expression... because it looks like me!!! If I put mine next to my darling's you will know... X(

Anyway, they are really cute. They come with a 2GB storage capacity and their LED eyes light up when you plug the USB Flash Drive into a computer :)

Everybody asks me what I cook for Christmas, but I didn't cook at home. We celebrated our Christmas at family restaurant called Royal Host. The restaurant is little away from the train station, so it wasn't packed and we had a nice and quiet Christmas. Their wagyu beef hamburger steak was fabulicious! In addition, I had a grilled scallop and shrimp, and my darling had a wagyu beef steak. We used free coupon for those. hehe ;)

How was your Christmas?!

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  1. hehe the robot usbs are so cute! i'm glad you had a great christmas! hope you have a fruitful year in 2011 :)

  2. Thanks grub,

    My darling didn't mean to, but was really uncomfortably funny. haha!!!

    You, too! I hope you have a fruitful year :D

  3. Ochi,

    The thumb drive is superb cute!!! You know,I'm using the black stick which is superb boring..

    Love it so much!

  4. Hi jose,

    There are many cute ones in Japan, but they are pretty expensive, so I go for the boring ones when I buy them by myself. hehe

  5. waaaahhh what adorable usb!! I think they are making more usb cute for girls now hahaha im so glad =P

  6. Happy New Year suki pooki!
    Yes! My sis gave me a USB, too. It was sparkling pink heart :)

  7. guess what? i found these in a store over here in melb! i immediately told my partner: "OMG Ochi has this!" and he was like "Who's Ochi?" haha, i forgot he doesnt know u! i was too excited at that point in time ^_^

  8. Hi mica!!!

    Wow! Was it expensive there?! Because it was expensive here in Japan and was lot more cheaper in the U.S. hehe

    I know! I sometimes do that! I always say "my blogger friends", but I call names when excited. hahaha

  9. the robot usb cost abt 60 australian $$. how much did it cost in japan? i bought a rilakkuma iphone 3 case n it was $58, quite a rip-off! but i love rilakkuma, so my dear bought it for me still :)

  10. Hi mica,

    I think it was just about the same as AUS $$ in Japan. And in the U.S. I think it was half that price!!!

    That phone case sounds pretty expensive but sometime I think it is much cheaper than traveling Japan to get that. haha Your honey is sooooooo sweet :D

  11. yes he can be sometimes:) i'm sure your hubby too!

    how did u know its half price in US? u checked it online? over here in melb, stores that stock japanese prdts tend to over-price them quite a bit, but the asian students here r still willing to pay that much! hehe~

  12. Hi mica,

    My darling bought his robot in the U.S. when we visited NY, so that's why I know the price ;)

    I know! I paid a lot for Japanese things while I lived overseas. Their quality is good and cute, right?! This is something I like about made in Japan :D

  13. That robot flash drive is so cute! I’m sure my brother will love this one since he is into collecting robots. I’ll grab myself one as soon as I see this around or somewhere in the market!

  14. This is definitely something I would buy for my lil bro. In my case, I think I would stick to a simple one. It cute tho. - Marko


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