Monday, December 27, 2010


On Christmas, my darling gave me a cute pink robot flash drive.

My darling uses yellow one and I was telling him that I want one (the same one) but what he bought me was a pink one. Yeah... I love the color but I don't feel comfortable with it's expression... because it looks like me!!! If I put mine next to my darling's you will know... X(

Anyway, they are really cute. They come with a 2GB storage capacity and their LED eyes light up when you plug the USB Flash Drive into a computer :)

Everybody asks me what I cook for Christmas, but I didn't cook at home. We celebrated our Christmas at family restaurant called Royal Host. The restaurant is little away from the train station, so it wasn't packed and we had a nice and quiet Christmas. Their wagyu beef hamburger steak was fabulicious! In addition, I had a grilled scallop and shrimp, and my darling had a wagyu beef steak. We used free coupon for those. hehe ;)

How was your Christmas?!

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