Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Birthday and My New Year's Resolution 2011

Today is my birthday. I have no plan for tonight but hula dancing as usual. My darling said he will celebrate my birthday on Saturday, so I look forward to it :)

Well, I'm always busy, but why don't I stop for a moment and set my new year's resolution for 2011!


No wonder, I will set this as my goal. It's a four-character idiomatic phrase meaning woman gifted with both talent and beauty. This year, I met many women with both and realized they all spare no effort! In other words, efforts make them talented and beautiful!!! People say they are gifted, but why don't I always do my best?! Better than giving up! hehe :P

Anyway, I have 2 exciting plans for the next year. One is our new home and another is confidential at this moment! I hope everything goes fine, and mostly, I hope everybody including myself is healthy because good health makes me happy :D

Unfortunately, 2011 is my 厄年 (unlucky year). It is said spending big bucks can drive away evil spirits, so I hope it is the right time to buy new home!!!

Have a good day!

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