Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Birthday and My New Year's Resolution 2011

Today is my birthday. I have no plan for tonight but hula dancing as usual. My darling said he will celebrate my birthday on Saturday, so I look forward to it :)

Well, I'm always busy, but why don't I stop for a moment and set my new year's resolution for 2011!


No wonder, I will set this as my goal. It's a four-character idiomatic phrase meaning woman gifted with both talent and beauty. This year, I met many women with both and realized they all spare no effort! In other words, efforts make them talented and beautiful!!! People say they are gifted, but why don't I always do my best?! Better than giving up! hehe :P

Anyway, I have 2 exciting plans for the next year. One is our new home and another is confidential at this moment! I hope everything goes fine, and mostly, I hope everybody including myself is healthy because good health makes me happy :D

Unfortunately, 2011 is my 厄年 (unlucky year). It is said spending big bucks can drive away evil spirits, so I hope it is the right time to buy new home!!!

Have a good day!

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  1. Ochi,

    It's not easy to have both,talent and beauty.We need to sacrify and learn most of the time.And I think you do have those criteria.You can cook and dance,and you're pretty!!And slim.

    You do believe in "ünlucky year"?I'm not sure even most of the Chinese believe it too.

    Hopefully 2011 would be a better year.

    About the other task u wanna do,is it to plan for a baby?I can't wait for it :)

  2. Hi jose,

    No... I thought you are on the way!!! I think we don't have to be perfect but effort counts! BTW, every year my resolution is "to do my best" so I put it in a more detailed way. hehe

    Yes. We Japanese believe in unlucky year... I hope it isn't true but whenever bad happens, it reminds me of the saying, you know!

  3. happy birthday!!! oh those are some nice plans! I think having a new home is always so exciting! Painting the walls! Buying furniture! Decorations!!! eeeee But so expensive at the same time so I hope they drive away those evil spirits!!! hmmm confidential ehhh? >=) baby? LOL!!!! Make sure you tell us how you celebrate your birthday!

    I agree that talent and effort makes us beautiful but any people just rely on the aesthetics and physical beauty, though of course we can not forget that hahaha

  4. Hi suki pooki,


    You two are asking the same question. I forgot to answer to jose but is not a baby. hehe! Not yet for 1-2 yrs... but sooner is better if I think of my age, I know X(

    I hope I can rely on me but I can't so that's why I'm saying this. hehe ;) Like you, I thought I always need to keep an eye on hot stuff!!! My doing best is that kind, not a difficult thing! haha.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! Congratulations on becoming one year older, and WISER! I am sure that 2011 will be a really exciting and busy year for you. Making your new house into a `home` is a fun challenge, so enjoy it!

  6. haha hope ur new home does indeed chase away all the unluckiness for u in the upcoming year :) oh n there's a saying amongst the chinese that to chase away bad luck, it's good to have & to wear red coloured lingerie items!

    im guessing what josephine has already guessed! is ur 2nd plan for next year to have a baby? =)

    love, mica

  7. laughs i just read ur other comment replies n realized that ur 2nd plan isnt a baby! hmmm... hard to guess! remember to update us abt it when it's no longer confidential :)

    love, mica

  8. Thanks fran!!!

    Wiser, yes! I hope so ;P
    You have a good point! House to home is a challenge! I'll try to take it easy and enjoy!!!

  9. Thanks mica,

    >red coloured lingerie
    I don't have any red one but I will get one if I find any in my style ;)

  10. Hi mica,

    Thanks! I will post about it later!!! But it will be in late 2011. hehe I just don't want to list the thing that I haven't even started yet... you know. For me, if I say, it will become a pressure sometimes. haha


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