Wednesday, December 8, 2010

puma HYBRID Jacket

Winter really has come. This morning it was chilly as predicted. However, I was warm enough since I bought a new dawn jacket yesterday :D I already have one from last year but it is so large and dressy that it doesn't suit to take a packed train and go to the gym after work, so I bought a sporty one!

puma HYBRID Jacket #556466-03. 90% down and 10% feather. Very light and warm!!! To tell the truth, puma is my favorite sport brand (because it is cute and popular among young girls) but I've never owned any of puma product until yesterday!

I went for turquoise blue color because it is my second favorite color! If I want to carry fuchsia pink accessories (my first favorite color), they complement each other nicely! Yes, I bought a sports bag, too :D I couldn't find an exact image on the site but looks like the image above. Believe it or not, I used to carry my gym stuff in a shopping bag (cute one of course), so I finally bought a real bag after 2 years! haha.

Unfortunately, all I bought were not on sale yet. If I want to get a discount, I had to wait till next year, so I bought them when needed. Also, I was afraid that the color I want would go out of stock. I don't really shop at list price, so that's why I'm saying this to myself. hehe.

No wonder I go to the GYM tonight!

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  1. Ochi,

    Nice jacket.I love the color too and the hood too.

    I don't have any favorite brand,but normally I will go into Adidas or Nike first before Puma.Probably because normally these 2 shops are beside each others..

  2. I hate dawn jacket,taihen...but,in your case,no choice!
    anyway,please take care of yourself.

  3. wow turquoise blue is such a bright cheery colour! brightens up a gloomy winter i guess? seeing bright colours makes you feel energized and more motivated. hehe... i'm not a gym person, i hate the gym, in fact im not even an exercise person! i just love to exercise through shopping @ the mall, walking here n there *hehe*

    puma was VERY popular couple of years back in s'pore cos they revamped their image & made their products more 'young' and targeted at young people, but their popularity has dipped again. i think addidas is my 1st choice anytime! :)

    love, mica

  4. Hi jose,

    Thanks for liking it!

    Yeah, I know. Those two brands are popular! My darling always buys adidas!

  5. Hi merce-san,

    I envy you live in a warm country!!! But I remember you have a jacket to wear in Japan, right?! ;)

  6. Hi mica,

    Lucky you! You are slim without workout, so you don't have to worry about that ;) Me, because of my age?! I need to workout X(

    Oh, adidas seems popular!!! Maybe next time!? hehe


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