Friday, December 10, 2010

Full-Time Job Conflict

I work for the same company, 9-17 full time, for over 6 consecutive years. Even if I worked for such a long time, my opinion never go through. I sometimes get really frustrated if I'm asked to attend the meeting and give my opinion for that reason... Moreover, my supervisor is not at all enthusiastic. He always goes for the safe option, which is kind of disappointing. And now, he announced us that he doesn't have a hope in his current project... Of course, I have a lot to say for it because I don't want to use my time for nonproductive work...

However, yesterday, my friend at hula class told me I have to give up and think of just getting a salary. She used to say her opinion at work but gave up because it's just a waste of time. Also, she said going home at 17 is pretty advantage. Yeah, I totally agree with her.

Unfortunately, many of the big Japanese companies have seniority-based system, which salary and job position rise in accordance with age and length of service, so it's not a good idea to change a job. It just worsen my situation. Also, most employees at such companies overwork, which is not my style.

Why I remain at the same company is because I experienced hard time seeking a full-time job in NY after 911. I think I did tens of interns and tens of part-time job back then. That experience made me think changing a job just because you don't like is not a good reason...

Anyway, now my issue here is not changing a job...

But the girl told me that is not a good idea since the stable income is important. Right...

I will close my eyes for a while and turn down my enthusiasm. I know it's my temporary stuff...

What a birthday present!!!

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  1. awww what a dilemma..
    but i dont have opinion on this thing.hehehe
    hope u can figure out whats best for u

  2. Ochi,

    What a working life!! I guess everyone leading the same matters as you did.

    That is why I'm try to figure out my own future.I don't wish working for others anymore..

    But your work 9-17 is quite attractive.Here,we seldom get so lucky for a job 9-17..

  3. Hello Vanilla,

    Exactly! I need to figure out what is best for me!!!
    I wish I can adapt myself...

  4. Hi jose,

    Thanks! I thought you understand! You are young and how impressive you know it already :D I have one thing I want to do, which is not really for a living but my hobby... so I can't really quit my job, you know X(

  5. awww I hope you cheer up soon especially since it's your birthday! Maybe make it your birthday month and just treat yourself extra special for the month like maybe go spa or shop a bit? lol sometimes that's what I do XD

    It's like that in my country too for a lot of the big companies, seniority is always first! but I don't think that's always right, I think work ethic should come first!
    If you try hard you can probably combine hobby with making some money but it will be hard and you might not be very rich hahaha but you might be a lot happier, so it's all on you! I hope you get over this soon and be happy again!

  6. o dear, what a depressing bday gift! i noe how it's like to be put in a dilemma. its hard to pick between happiness @ work and stable income cos the 2 never really go hand in hand. just earlier last week i've been put in a difficult position too by my parents, they say x'mas must be spent with family, but i wanna spend x'mas with the bf here in melb. i hate it when i have to make difficult choices. it's never easy!! i hope u feel much better dear. here's a BIIIGGGGG *hug* for u!

    love, mica

  7. oh n honey, happy belated birthday :)

    p.s. what bday gift/surprise did hubby plan for u?

    love, mica

  8. Hi suki pooki,

    Thank you!!! You know me well. hehe. I already booked spa this weekend!!!

    Yes. Overall, elder is wiser, but such a wisdom sometimes makes people act slow...

    But thanks! I really feel better now!

  9. Thanks David!!!
    I hope you enjoy :)

  10. Hi mica,

    Thanks mica for your hug :D
    I feel lot better now!

    So, what is your answer?! Staying with bf?!

  11. Thanks again, mica!

    Good question! I will post what my darling planned for me later!


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