Thursday, January 27, 2011

IH Rice Cooker

After many years, I finally won an IH (Induction Heating) Rice Cooker at the contest!!!

What I currently own is a micom (microcomputer) rice cooker. It is an electric rice cooker using direct heating method calculated by a built-in computer. The heat is delivered to the inner pot by thermal conduction. Thus, the heat applied to the rice is weak compared to the gas, so some people think it is better to cook in a pan than using a micom rice cooker.

In the hope of making electric cookers better than cooking with a gas, IH (induction heating) rice cooker was invented in 1988. An electric current is passed through coils around the pot and the pot's metal itself immediately heats up, so the entire pot quickly rises to a high temperature and cooks the rice evenly. To be sure, you can cook rice perfectly without soaking in water before cooking!

What I won is an IH rice cooker with an additional "pressure cooking" function (Sanyo ECJ-XW100). As seen in the image, the rice is stirred up by the pressure and cooked more evenly just like it cooked in the furnace!

Rice is the staple of Japan. There is no wonder most Japanese have a rice cooker at home. But our budget rice cooker (6 years ago) was micom so I kept on using it, hoping I could win the IH rice cooker someday, and now my dream came true!!! Anyway, I will keep my micom rice cooker because IH consumes a lot of electricity and I might not want to cook flavored rice with it because the flavored rice leaves the smell after cooking.

Anyways, I am happy that I can cook tastier rice at home!!!

Do you have a rice cooker at home?!

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  1. Ochi,

    Wow,you won a big prize!!!Rice cooker is a great gift for every houses.

    I do have a mini rice cooker in my rental kitchen.But I seldom use it to cook,as normally we eat outside more often.

    Rice is also a main food in our country.My dad can't live without rice..Haha

  2. Hi jose,

    Yes! You know how expensive the IH is...

    Like your dad, my darling can't live without rice. He doesn't prefer to eat bread but I am aiming to win the bread maker since he does not agree to buy one!!! I know it takes time to win it... but I'll try!

  3. Congratulations! I really want one of those but they're so's funny because my mother in law once told me it was okay to spend up to 100,000 yen on a good gas rice cooker and I thought she was kind of crazy until I tasted how much better her rice was. Maybe someday!

  4. Yes Jessica! You know how expensive it is X(

    That is why I couldn't renew my rice cooker for many years!!!
    My darling said he is okay with micom at least we can cook rice... yeah... that is true.

    Maybe someday, Jessica!!!

  5. Hi there!!! Im finally back hee hee hee wow you made a lot of posts within the past 9 days!!!

    Since my family is Chinese we also have a rice cooker at home! It's very small and cooks the rice nicely but sometimes I put in too much water and the rice turns out very mushy! hahaha then no one wants to eat rice that day =P

    hahaha My hun always say that about me too and when I take lots of pictures he always asks if it's for my blog and I say yes! hee hee but I agree with your husband! When it's vacation time its time to rest because blogging does take energy, especially if you put a lot of photos in!

  6. Hi suki!

    I'm glad to see you around again!!!

    Yeah, I try to make a post almost every day because I know I would have time when I can't really post anything. hehe

    I can't wait for your posts, but please post them at your pace ;)


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