Monday, January 31, 2011


pomera is a portable digital typewriter. With this device, you can ONLY write the text, so you can concentrate on writing!

I use pomera (DM20) to write my recipe. I can write faster without the Internet distraction ;) hehe!

Anyway, I always ask my darling to take my pic but he always presses the button when I'm not ready (while I'm talking like below...)

Why?! Because I mostly ask him before our meal, so he is hungry X( Needless to say, he has to take me again! LoL :P

BTW, who takes your picture?!

Anyways, the movers came on Saturday morning and got competitive quotes from them. Surprisingly removal in the morning costs more than in the afternoon... And the cheapest was $600!!! We need to try more to reduce our stuff!!!

Busy Monday! Take care :D

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