Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cookpad VS Rakuten

Cookpad is the biggest recipe site in Japan, and have 920,000 recipe posts, 8 million visitors per day.

However, in October 2010, Rakuten (Japan's No.1 shopping site: currently 70 million users) have launched the same business called 楽天レシピ (Rakuten recipe) and now they have already reached up to 40,000 recipe posts, 4 million visitors per day.

Rakuten's strategy is an "added value". They give 50 Rakuten points (50 yen) per recipe post and 10 rakuten points (10 yen) per recipe report. Also they offer affiliate services linked to their Rakuten shops. On the other hand Cookpad offer nothing per post. Rakuten now say they will win out over Cookpad by the end of 2011. Their goal is to expand their food market throughout the recipe posts.

Blatantly, Rakuten copied the business style of Cookpad ... But that is the Rakuten's style... They simply snap at a chance to rise.

It may be the time for the change for recipe sites!?

Of course, I made my account at Rakuten to follow the growth of the recipe trade!!!

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  1. Congrads a site which give you compensation for your wonderful recipes. Finally you get some recognition instead of giving everything away for free!! You deserve it Ochi!!

  2. Hi jo,

    You think so?! Maybe I need to think in that way!!! You might be right. I was just thinking all those traffic I got at Cookpad (because only a few people came to see my Rakuten recipes)... Anyway I'll do my best to see how it works!!!

  3. I like Cookpad better because they have a wonderful community

  4. tetsuya-san,

    So far, yes! I agree with you!!!


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