Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Accomplishments

Hi there! Time flies. As usual, these are my accomplishments in January.

On 1/8, my Edible La-Yu Shimeji received the honorable mention at is the site to search & learn & evaluate about many different kinds of salt(mainly in Japan). They asked for recipes using shimeji mushrooms.

On 1/13, I had a call that I got a place at Marumiya's flavored rice sauce recipe contest. However the result was against my will that I regretted I have tried hard... Those contests are just about the luck of the roll, I know, but somehow I tried too hard... Silly me X(

On 1/14, I won the good idea award at They asked for recipes to fight metabolic syndrome using mannanhikari. Mannnanhikari is a rice shaped konjac food. By cooking the rice with mannanhikari, you can save calories (up to 30%)! My award winning recipe is Healthy Tomato Inarizushi.

On 1/17, my Bling-Bling Tuna Natto Roll won the special award at uchinogohan (my home) recipe contest. I like it's gorgeous look :)

On 1/18, I won a prize at the convenience store recipe contest. Not knowing where the result is posted...

On 1/23, my Stir-Fried Potato and Komatsuna (Japanese Mustard Spinach) Hot Miso Salad won the outstanding performance award.

Then FINALLY, on 1/24, I won the IH rice cooker that I mentioned last time. The theme was to create recipes that use GOPAN and the local ingredients. I will write about GOPAN someday later, but briefly saying, it is the bread made from rice grain. I submitted Ago Dashi Gopan Soup. Ago is local specialities in Hirado (Nagasaki). I bought the soup when I visited there :D The result is now posted on Sanyo's website!

I wish I won't get depressed easily. LoL.

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