Friday, February 18, 2011

Do You Have Any Rival?!

I hate to admit it but many of my cooking friends are in great success. They inspire me a lot but at the same time I get frustrated with myself.

I always think I need to try hard (look for new challenges) to expand my possibilities... because what I see is what I can do, which means, without a new experience, I don't even have a chance to start.

However, within a limited time, I can't try everything, so I have to move through wisely!

Do you have any rival? What is your thought?!

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  1. I get this feeling all the time too! Like when I study very hard for a test but my friend got a better mark than me and she didn't even study much LOL I guess I will just have to try harder! People always tell me not to compare but sometimes I think comparing is good because your always striving to achieve something =)

    P.s I would love your try your cooking sometime! hee hee your husband is super lucky! My bf, not so much, my cooking is horrible hahahaa

  2. Ochi,

    I understand how you felt since I had those moments too.It was kind of frustrated someday.

    Times is not really enough for us,I mean sometimes 24 hours ain't enough.But I believe you can manage your time well.

    Ochi,you can do it!!

  3. Hi suki!!!

    I totally understand about the tests! LoL Thanks for sharing your idea! Sometimes close people don't admit such a feeling, so I'm kind of relieved today. hehe

    I hope my darling is lucky... while I am like this. haha

  4. Hi jose,

    Thanks for your encouraging words X( Like I wrote for suki, we don't share such a feeling with rivals, so I simply wanted to write my real opinion. Oh boy...

    Everyone is doing their best! I know they simply don't share. I have to do my best! haha


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