Thursday, February 17, 2011

HITACHI Frost Recycling Vacuum Compartment Refrigerator

On the weekend, my darling and I went to an electronics retail store, hoping to upgrade our current fridge-freezer at the time of the removal!

What interested me the most is HITACHI's Frost Recycling Vacuum Compartment Refrigerator model.

The "Vacuum Compartment" can reduce air pressure in the chilled room to 0.8 atm. It decreases the oxygen density in the chilled room, preventing the DHAs, vitamins and amino acids in food items from oxidizing. The front door of the chilled room is sealed by a rubber packing and pressed to the room by a lock handle in front of the door. It's like having a big "Ziploc container" in the fridge! How convenient!!! The chilled room is designed on the assumption that it is used 10 times a day for 10 years, so it can be opened and closed about 40,000 times.

"Super-Moisture Vegetable Compartment" assures vegetables retain moisture.

"Triple Compartment Freezer" is a smartly designed freezer consists of the main high-capacity compartment and two full-width sliding drawers, allowing easily organize and retrieve frozen products. I have many small items piled up in my freezer pocket, so this sounds very convenient!

As for energy-saving technology, the "Frost Recycling Cooling System" uses the air cooled by frost forming on the cooling device during the operation to cool the refrigerator and vegetable compartment while compressor stops.

This model has a volume ranged from 401L to 620L! I first thought of getting the largest one, but the smallest around 475L might be better, not to waste food! Will see ;)

BTW, I now own Sharp's 2 door fridge-freezer which volume is 140L (SJ-14H). Pretty small...

What kind of fridge-freezer do you have?!

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  1. Ochi,

    I like how organise is your post about the fridge.And you knew a lots!!

    My rental did have a fridge too,but it is belong to our owner.I share the fridge with our housemates..It is not in the neatest arrangement,but at least the fridge did help us a lots in storing fresh foods.


  2. Hi jose,

    To write a post, I have to understand, which means I can force myself to study about the product, so that's why I decided to write about this fridge-freezer in my wish list. hehe

    So, your fridge sounds large! I envy you!!! We bought a small one for the current place but it doesn't really store a lot X(

  3. Wow this fridge looks amazing! I wish my fridge looked that nice and clean hahaha and wow 10 times a day....actually I open my fridge probably more than that a day sometimes hahaha I always open the door to see if theres something to eat, then decide there's nothing but then I come back ten minutes later opening the door AGAIN, omg suki food won't magically appear there, sigh it must be habit! But this is a really nice fridge! I hope you get it or the fridge of your dreams lol

    Sometimes I leave some sauce or dressing in the back of the fridge, then I will forget I have it and maybe buy another one or I leave it there for a long time pass expiry date and then I can't use it anymore >< I think fridge organizers are very important!

  4. Hi suki!

    You are so cute like a kid. hehe ;)

    There is a fridge with a divider plate which you can actually turn around to bring the back of the fridge to the front. But, if I have that many things in my fridge, I thought I can't even turn it around. So, that fridge was not my choice. haha

  5. That was such a fabulous refrigerator. I have my refrigerator at home but I am not contented on what it has inside.

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