Tuesday, February 8, 2011


GOPAN is the world's first rice bread cooker by Sanyo, that can easily bake "rice bread" from rice grains. It was released on 11/11/2010.

Sanyo made it possible after four years of trial and error! As you might know, rice is the staple of Japan. By enabling rice to be eaten as a bread, Sanyo aimed to encourage people to consume more rice!

What they finally came up with was the "rice paste method". In this new method, the rice is soaked in water, and cut with a rotary blade to form a very fine paste.

It's simple to use. In the bread pan, place 220g of washed rice, 210g of water, 4g of salt, 16g of sugar, and 10g of shortening. In the automatic ingredient dispenser on the upper side of the body, place 50g of wheat gluten and 3g of dry yeast.

Then, press the start button. After 4 hours of the automatic process of milling, kneading, rising, and baking, a tasty rice bread is baked!

Instead of using special flour such as rice flour, I think GOPAN conveniently uses rice which is kept in most Japanese households! However, the current price is 79,000 yen!!! I will go for it when it become cheaper. haha

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  1. Ochi,

    Wow,this is a great kitchen helper.I need this too since I'm so lazy in baking.

    Gopan is in Japan only or we can get this in SG too??

  2. Oooooh this looks so good. Do you think Rice Bread is healthier than other kinds of bread? I wonder if we can use brown rice or genmai rice too...

    But it is waaaaay too expensive, isn`t it? I will wait for a cheaper version I think :)

  3. Hi jose,

    Yep! I wish to have one but it's still very expensive... I think it is sold only in Japan at this moment, but it should be available overseas someday soon :)

  4. Hi fran,

    Rice is said to be good for Japanese body system, so maybe for Japanese?!

    YES! You can use genmai, kuromai, zakkokumai, etc... See here! Cool, right?! ;)

    I don't own any bread cooker yet, so maybe I will get the regular one first to see how often we consume bread at home. haha

  5. OMG that's almost 800$US for a bread maker!!!!! I think I will just buy my own bread at the bakery hahaha It seems only wealthy ladies will buy this machine but don't wealthy ladies want to just buy bread at the store instead of making it themselves at home? lol I hope they make it cheaper so it is more accessible to people that will actually use it more! (like you! lol)

    I will definitely post more photos of food now since you requested it hahaha I took a photo of nearly each dish that I ate! The mickey vinyl that I bought turned out to be a Valentines Day design!!! How fitting since Vday is almost here! I will post photos of it at the end of the trip posts! =D

  6. Hi suki!

    Yep. I have the same idea! I'd rather get bread at the bakery since we are not crazy about breads.

    Valentines Day design sounds really cute!!! I can't wait to see it up :D


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