Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to Choose the Right Color

One thing I want to get before the removal is a new rug. We haven't yet bought sofa and dining set, so at least we have a rug, we can sit on the floor!

Last week, we found a nice rug at store at a reasonable price. They come in 4 colors: ivory, beige, cocoa, and brown. However, without laying them on our floor, I can't imagine how they actually look. So, I searched for our floor and wall images on the Net and collaged them to see which matches better...

I was torn between ivory and beige, but my darling made a final decision on beige!

Anyways, I always gather those sample images from manufacturers' sites or shopping sites and collage the most frequently appeared colors which I believe are close to the real colors. My darling always laugh at me when I make this kind of collage like this one. haha But it is better than your imagination, you know!

BTW, this is how our dining set looks on our floor. It is going to arrive in mid-April since it is currently out of stock.

7 days to go until our removal!

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