Tuesday, March 8, 2011

かつくら (Katsukura)

When my darling and I are tired, we crave for Japanese food! One of our favorite Japanese restaurants is かつくら (Katsukura). They serve sophisticated tonkatsu (deep-fried breaded pork cutlet) from Kyoto.

If you order tonkatsu at かつくら (Katsukura), you'll first get their original Kyoto-style tsukemono (Japanese pickles). I don't like tsukemono, but their tsukemono is amazingly delicious!

While you wait for tonkatsu, you grind your sesame seeds served in a small mortar and mix them with their original tonkatsu sauce.

Now the tonkatsu is served with farm-fresh shredded cabbage on the side with original yuzu (citrus ichangensis) dressing!

My darling always go for 170g (6oz) pork loin cutlet.

I always go for a combi menu that comes with small pork fillet cutlet and seasonal vegetable yuba (tofu skin) croquette!

Their miso soup, cabbage and wheat rice are all-you-can-eat!!! I love their miso soup. They use white miso with a hint of Japanese mustard! Amazingly addictive!!!

Actually, I am not that crazy about deep-fried foods in general, but I like the way their foods are served, so we go there once in a while!

Maybe this weekend again?! LoL

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  1. mmm i love katsu! i sometimes make it at home but the meat is too thin hahaha!

  2. Hi grub,

    My darling loves Tonkatsu, too! He says he can eat it every day. haha

  3. Hmmm...oishii sooo....one of my favorite food in your country.the meat is juicy and tasty!

  4. Hi merce-san,

    Your name is different, but I'm guessing you are merce-san. hehe

    I know you like Jap food like tonkatsu ;)

  5. I <3 Japanese food! You make me feel very hungry now. I wish i can cook japanese food (I tried making sushi but it failed. Hahaha). I then went to youtube to watch how people make it but i don't think I will be able to master it yet. I should go for a Japanese cooking class. Haha! (I also don't have the wooden bucket to mix my sushi rice with the vinegar and my rice gets sticky)

    BTW : You look so young & gorgeous!

  6. Hi Tsu Lin,

    I love Jap food, too!

    You know what?! It is better to eat and try many sushi before you try to cook ;) In that way, you will get an idea how it should be done good for you. I always do that when I try to cook foreign foods :D Because there are too many recipes for one dish, you know.


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