Tuesday, March 8, 2011

かつくら (Katsukura)

When my darling and I are tired, we crave for Japanese food! One of our favorite Japanese restaurants is かつくら (Katsukura). They serve sophisticated tonkatsu (deep-fried breaded pork cutlet) from Kyoto.

If you order tonkatsu at かつくら (Katsukura), you'll first get their original Kyoto-style tsukemono (Japanese pickles). I don't like tsukemono, but their tsukemono is amazingly delicious!

While you wait for tonkatsu, you grind your sesame seeds served in a small mortar and mix them with their original tonkatsu sauce.

Now the tonkatsu is served with farm-fresh shredded cabbage on the side with original yuzu (citrus ichangensis) dressing!

My darling always go for 170g (6oz) pork loin cutlet.

I always go for a combi menu that comes with small pork fillet cutlet and seasonal vegetable yuba (tofu skin) croquette!

Their miso soup, cabbage and wheat rice are all-you-can-eat!!! I love their miso soup. They use white miso with a hint of Japanese mustard! Amazingly addictive!!!

Actually, I am not that crazy about deep-fried foods in general, but I like the way their foods are served, so we go there once in a while!

Maybe this weekend again?! LoL

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