Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lipton Limone C

This 500ml bottled Lipton Limone C (lemon tea) contains a day's worth of vitamin C (100mg), and surprisingly, it is ZERO calorie! Amazing, huh?!

It's a quite refreshing, sweet and sour lemon tea, that I have bought it for 3 times this week. LoL

I know 100mg is not enough for girls, but better than nothing! I hope it will be available overseas someday soon ;)

What kind of drinks are you into recently?

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  1. Look super refreshing! I normally like to drink Lemon Tea by VITA, it's very popular in Hong Kong and made it's way to Vancouver too! yay! My parents also drink other Lipton products but I know in Japan they sometimes give away gifts attached to the drink right? I wish we had those here!

    I hope this drink will be here soon too I will keep a look out for it when I go to more "Special" drink/candy stores!

    P.s do you know the online store rakuten? I love the site but shipping is super expensive ><

  2. Hi suki!!!

    I just searched VITA! It looks like Chinese tea but from Hong Kong?! I will try it out if I find one at import grocery stores!!!

    You know well about Japan! Those small give-away gifts are sometimes very high in quality! I love to collect Dean and Deluca magnets!!! Those are really cute :D Also, Hello Kitty gifts are cute, too!!! I think some gifts cost more than the bottle of drinks. LoL

    Most Japanese know Rakuten. I shop there, too! I hope international shipping fee goes down someday soon X(

  3. have you heard of Vitamin C Lemon, i tried it in Malaysia, but i think it's Japanese. it's something similar to this and a small bottle contains a day's dose of vitamin C. very yummy so i kept going back to get samples hahahaha

  4. Ochi,

    New drink!I guess I still can't find this here in SG yet.

    Currently I'm obssess with blackcurrant tea.The smell is nice and refreshing when it's chill.

    Coke is still my top favorite :)

  5. I love any drink with tea in it! haha! I agree with Suki.. VITA drinks are great - my favorite are their soy drinks and their mango drink. I don't really purchase bottled drinks very often as I prefer drinks like bubbletea but when i DO buy bottled drinks, it's usually Lipton Green Tea :) but WOW... ZERO calories??? i'm sold already, just by that fact! haha!

  6. Hi grub,

    How does the Vitamin C Lemon package look like?! We have many Vitamin C drink products in Japan. haha

    C.C. Lemon also has a calorie-zero version! I love it, too!!!

  7. Hi jose,

    Blackcurrant is really good for your eyes and skin ;) Coke?! My sister likes coke the best, too. I wonder why you guys... hehe

  8. Hi Kym,

    I gotta try out VITA, then!!! They do have soy drinks?! I love soy milk, so I gotta look for them, too!!!

    I think you would enjoy many drinks in Japan. We have tons of addictive zero-calorie drinks ;)

  9. hahahha yeh it's that C.C. Lemon!! in Malaysia they sell it in a 4-pack glass bottle :) calorie-free version is good i guess haha

  10. Hi grub,

    I know it in glass bottle! That's more condensed, right?! hehe

    The calorie-free version is now not available around (i just realized after posting this)... maybe because of the quake...


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