Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

I have been awarded the "One Lovely Blog Award" by grub of grub-town! Thanks!!!

She's an arts student in Melbourne, studying Japanese, too. She snaps very natural, soft, and relaxing photographs which makes me think she's a mature lady. hehe. I love her homey feel presentations!

To accept the award, there are certain rules:
1. Posting a link back to the person that gave you the award.
2. Share 7 random things about yourself.
3. Award 15 blogs.
4. Drop them a note and tell them about it.

7 random things I like to do:
- Cooking (Of course!)
- Shopping (Relieves my stress!)
- Coffee time (With my darling.)
- Eating out (I love to try creative Japanese foods at smoke-free izakaya.)
- Blogging
- Traveling (NY)
- Karaoke!!! (I wish I could have more time for it. I can sing for more than 3 hours! hehe)

I will pass this award to my good friends whom I met on the Net ;) - I'm not gonna drop a note because I know some are busy.
- Jon at As I See Japan...from L.A.
- Fran at Fran-Japani
- ReBekha at Genki Gaijin Girl
- Nazarina at Giddy Gastronome
- josephinechoo at Jose's Diary
- anGeLine at Journey of Angel's Life
- Jo at Literally In The Moment
- Merce at Love to Eat
- theda_bara at Maudlin
- Cathy at My Food Adventures
- Kym at p a t i k y m
- suki at suki pooki
- Jessica at Tales from a Tokyo Kitchen
- Tsu Lin + + at tsulin + +
- Mica

I am glad to become friends with you all!!!
Let's keep in touch ;)

Please click below and vote for me.


  1. Ochi,

    Thanks for the award!!

    I had been really bad lately for not joining in blogging world.Yesterday night I went to nearby shopping mall to search for a cheap and nice netbook or notebook.

    I'm still figuring and calculating my expenses if I buy a netbook.. hope I can find bargain price.


  2. Awwww thanks for the tag Ochi. I am SO glad I got to 'meet' you through blogging! And hopefully one day when i visit Japan, we'll get to meet each other for real. If you like travelling so much, you should put Canada in your list of places to see! I will show you around my city! :D

  3. o0o0o0o0o0 wow thanks Ochi!!! ( I think it is the first time I ever spell your name!!! is it right? can I call you that? lol)

    This is a lovely award! I will put it up next time I blog!!!! hee hee hee (so happy not sure what to say =P)

    Im glad were met on blogger and become good friends too and Im super glad that nothing happen after the earthquake! Im still very excited for your table to arrive! It's the beginning of April and can't wait to see it!!!

    Oh and yes I am using my new camera to take my photos now! Sometimes they still come out not nice because Im still so new and not sure how to photograph properly =P

  4. Hi jose,

    Thanks for your post ;)
    I hope you get a good deal on your new netbook or notebook!!!

  5. Hi Kym,

    Yes! I know I have to visit Canada someday soon ;) Also I have many friends in Singapore, so I have to go there, too!!!

    I hope I can see you in Japan!!! If you stay in the city, you can walk around or take a train and eat, shop, and do sightseeing conveniently! I recommend you to visit Tokyo first ;)

  6. Hi suki,

    Really?! I didn't realize it. hehe
    Ochi is fine! Everybody calls me Ochi ;)

    I know you are busy, too, but thanks for accepting the award!!!

    I hope no delay for the table!!! We expect to receive it after 4/10 but things are delayed after the quake, so I worry a bit... Still waiting for our air conditioner since 3/25...

    You know what!? I bought a video camera lately, but the same like you... I still can't master it X(

  7. thank you for your nice words you are too kind! hahaha im not mature at all XD i still do foolish things :P

  8. Hi grub,

    Thanks for the award ;)
    I can't imagine you doing foolish things from your beautiful photography works. hehe

  9. Many thanks for passing on the award to me! i'll blog about it soon:)

    i'm really glad to find a friend in you, love ur recipes, and appreciative for how supportive u have been of my blog *-* i hope we'll be friends for many more years to come!

  10. Hi mica,

    I'm glad you haven't received it yet from your friends. hehe

    Yes. I hope we can keep in touch through our blogs for many more years to come :)

  11. Thank you for the tag, Ochi! I'm so glad you (and the rest of Japan) are doing well after the quake. I'm glad to meet you via blogging too. Cheers!

    BTW, your cooking is making me crave for some warm Japanese food.

  12. Hi Tsu Lin,

    You are welcome!!! We still are having many aftershocks, but we are doing fine!

    I'm glad you enjoy my recipe :)


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