Monday, March 7, 2011

MacBook Pro Debut!!!

Believe it or not, on Saturday, while shopping the ceiling lights at an electronics retail store, I happened to find MacBook Pro 15" on sale, which was limited to 5 people and there were only 3 left.

Actually, those on sale were the previous model MC372J/A (Intel Core i5 (2.53GHz)/4GB/HDD 500GB). I read on some articles that the previous series are good enough, so I bought it without hesitation with AppleCare (3 Year Warranty)!

I think I made a right decision! They were all sold out on the next day ;)

I will use it after the removal (next week). I can't wait!!!

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  1. Congratulations about your new macbook! hahaha I guess the sale made up your choice =P It's great that you got a deal on it since not many places will sell the macbook for cheap, even if it's a lower model! I hope you love it (as much as my bf does hahaha but not too much!!!)

  2. Hi suki,

    Thanks! You know well! They don't go on sale that often, so I believe I bought it timely. yes!

    Your bf loves mac that much?! I have to learn from him. (not too much, I know, hehe)

  3. your patience has paid off. glad you could buy a macbook on sale :)

  4. How wonderful for you Ochi to get a new laptop. I hope to have one someday!

  5. Hi grub,

    Yes! I'm glad it was on sale!

  6. Hi jo,

    After 10 years, though. LoL


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