Monday, March 7, 2011

Renovation Updates: 7th Week

Last week was the 7th week. We found some parts to be fixed, but the renovation was almost done.

Wallpaper was applied to all rooms and all the fittings were set.

My photo is not good... but kitchen is done beautifully!

I forgot to take photos of bathroom, but it was set on the 2nd week!

Accent wall -ECOCARAT- didn't stand out that much (shrug). In this way we won't get bored!!! Nevermind!!!

This coming Saturday, we will make final checks and have series of briefings for installed equipments!

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  1. Wow this is amazing!!! And to think it was just bare walls and open pipes a few posts earlier! It looks great! And the accent wall is amazing! hahaha the photo makes the kitchen look small but I can tell it's a fantastic kitchen when you look closer! Oh and my favorite has to be the bathroom haha I love those clear shelves on the wall! Super stylish and modern! Congrats on getting your home fully renovated! Now the hard part comes in....moving in! hahaha but it must be super fun!

  2. Thanks suki,

    I'm glad you say the accent wall is amazing since I was not sure. Yes! The bathroom is in a modern style. It's not that big, but I like it ;)

    I'm not good at taking pics of rooms, so I have to find out the way to take it nicer before I move in. I have another chance to take it, so will see... hehe

    You are right! The hardest part is the removal... OMG, we haven't done that much... We are planning to pack in 3 days. hopefully...

  3. your new home is simply amazing!i love how simple it is, but yet its so modern :) i especially love your kitchen, it's so white and bright haha. i'd love to cook in there anyday hehe

    next part is moving in, good luck!

  4. Hi Ochi,

    What a beautiful home for you and your husband. You must be so glad that the renovation is almost done!! I thought that the condos were already renovated.

    Your photos remind me of when we first built our house years ago. It was a very huge undertaking as we did all the work ourselves, with some help from family and friends.

    I see you used wallpaper instead of painting the walls. Thanks for posting the links for past renovations, as I've had to catch up! Can't wait to see finished rooms with your special touches! :)

  5. I also wanted to say that I loved the design of your bathroom walls!!

  6. Hi grub,

    Yes. We thought simple is best ;)
    I hope I can cook better than now. hehe

  7. Hi jo,

    We were looking for a renovated condo, but we couldn't find the exact one, so we decided to do it by ourselves! It really took a long time, but we are happy to move in soon :D

    We of course asked a contractor to manage the construction, but you did with your family and friends?! Amazing!!! I can't imagine doing it with my family...

  8. Hi jo again,

    Thanks!!! Yes! I love to take a bath, so I chose the designed wall ;) hehe

  9. I love your kitchen, Ochi!!! Is it standard that you have a glass shield against oil splatter? What a good idea (and it faces the dining area) - many countries have the stove facing the wall instead of facing the living room. Interesting!

    I love what you did, can't wait to see the finished look.

  10. Thank you Tsu Lin,

    We just had a huge 8.8-magnitude earthquake in Miyagi. I am really scared...

    Yes. When we have open kitchen like this, we usually place a glass shield!

    I wish to use my kitchen at least once in my life. Or, build another one!? haha


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