Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our Current Home

Believe it or not, we will be living in a new home this time next week! Time flies!!!

In 2004, almost 7 years ago, we came back from NY and moved into the current home in Tokyo. These are the pics we took back then. We chose this flat because I loved the kitchen ;)

One thing I regret for our new home is that I cannot hang those flower curtains in the kitchen since I decided to build it open :P

Little by little, we packed and threw out our unnecessary stuff, but most packing will be done this weekend since we have to work as usual on weekdays X(

I don't like these open shelves in the living room, so we are not going to put those shelves in our new living room for sure!!! They look messy, you know...

I will try my best to make our home cozy :D

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