Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our Current Home

Believe it or not, we will be living in a new home this time next week! Time flies!!!

In 2004, almost 7 years ago, we came back from NY and moved into the current home in Tokyo. These are the pics we took back then. We chose this flat because I loved the kitchen ;)

One thing I regret for our new home is that I cannot hang those flower curtains in the kitchen since I decided to build it open :P

Little by little, we packed and threw out our unnecessary stuff, but most packing will be done this weekend since we have to work as usual on weekdays X(

I don't like these open shelves in the living room, so we are not going to put those shelves in our new living room for sure!!! They look messy, you know...

I will try my best to make our home cozy :D

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  1. Is that your hunni cooking? If it is then he is so sweet! hahaha my bf would probably never do any cooking!

    Wow the place is very small, is the new home a bit larger? It seems like it! I think a lot of newly married couples or couples that just move in together do what you and your hubby do too. Start off with smaller, older place and then eventually save up to move out! But Im not sure if most couples save so much that they can buy and renovate a whole place! When I showed my bf you renovations etc. he was like "they must be rich" ahahahaahhaha

    So are you really going to go with red chairs?! I honestly think that red will add more character and make the home more lively! BUT brown is always the safest to go lol if you are unsure =P I love how the table has a bench on one side and chairs for the other so VERSATILE!!!! If I want to get that here in vancouver, it probably needs to be custom made = $$$, was it super expensive then because it's from Italy?! it sounds pricey ><

    Maybe you can find another way to incorporate the hanging flowers? Honestly I don't use those because I will be very scared when I go to the bathroom at night LOL! Im a scardy cat =P

    I really can't wait till you settle in and see the "final" photos!!!

  2. Wah! I hope you get to go to Disneyland and Florida soon! hahaha ten years is a long time and definitely check out Tokyo Sea! Which part of Japan do you live in? I think it was Osaka but maybe im wrong lol, I honestly didn't spend a lot of tie in Tokyo Sea and wish to go back too =P

    Oh the day I went to Universal was pretty warm! IT got cold at the end of the day when it started to rain though =(

  3. Hi suki,

    Yes, it is my darling but the pic was taken looooong time ago. LoL
    I don't usually ask him to cook since he doesn't clean up the kitchen thoroughly. haha

    Our new home is larger but still is smaller than condos in the U.S. or Canada, I guess!

    Right! You have an idea!!! Most people save up to move out, but actually we paid rent for 7 years so we couldn't save that much money... what we did is we combined the mortgage for a used condo and the renovation fee, and asked the bank to pay at the same rate as our current rent. Thanks for the recession, mortgage interest rate is low, so it is much easier to pay back than in the past.

    The dining set we bought was little expensive than IKEA, but we thought we'd better get what we want than regret in the end ;) I think made in Italy is not that expensive nowadays, since in recession era.

    I will take photos if everything went nicely... haha

  4. Thanks suki for the reply,

    Disney Sea is in Tokyo, and we live in Tokyo. Actually, we can go there by train in few hours... but we don't go there since it is too close and think we can go there anytime. You know... I wish to stay at Disney resort hotels and relax someday. Otherwise, we just get tired... LoL

  5. Hi ochisan,congratulations!!!!
    i'm really happy both of you.coz,i know,how taihen is that.


  6. that looks so good! and living in tokyo sounds amazing!

  7. Hi merce-san,

    I am worried about my new home... we are having many earthquakes today X(

  8. Hi Laida,

    Thanks! I love Tokyo, but not the earthquakes X(

  9. Me, too! Merce-san!!!

    I hope our dishes didn't fall out from the cupboard...

  10. I hope so, Nazarina...

    But, I worry much of these shakes at this moment X(

    I hope it stops shaking soon.

    Oh boy...


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