Friday, March 11, 2011

MORE Earthquakes!!!!!!!

I just ran out of the building and came back into the office again because our office is quakeproof and janitor told us to stay in...

But it's still shaking. Should I go out again?!

I heard it was 6-magnitude again in Miyagi... but was the center close to Kanto?!

OMG... our new home X(

I will simply stop writing and watch out because it's still shaking!!!!!

How scary.

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  1. i heard about it minutes after it happened as there were many tweets from my friends in Japan! hope you are doing okay!!

    prayers to you and your new home!!

  2. Omg I hope everything is alright! and YES stop blogging and get to safety LOL 6-magnitude is pretty high! I can't imagine what it's like to live in an earthquake prone country! It must be scary all the time!

  3. thanks grub!!!

    yes. i think i am in a safe place... (at office) we cannot use cell, so thanks to the PC network!!!

    i pray for our lives and my home!!!

    how scary.

  4. hi suki,

    we are said to stay here, so i am watching the news on the Net. my cell is not working X(

    i hope i can take train to go home. it should be very crowded X(

  5. Thinking of you, hoping everything is OK and people are safe.

  6. Thanks Beer Hampers,

    I hope everyone is okay, too...

  7. Thanks suki!

    I am okay at this moment!!!

  8. Hi Ochi,
    How was you there? I still remember you had mentioned that Japan also have earthquake in the previous post. And it's really happen now, OMG.

    Hope everything will be fine there. Take care, Ochi.

  9. Hi anGeLine!

    We are doing fine! The quake didn't hit Tokyo. I hope the plates won't move anymore... I pray for it.


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