Thursday, April 7, 2011

Incipio MacBook Pro 15in Feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case

I was looking for a case for my MacBook Pro lately and found a cute pink (magenta) one by Incipio!

This pink color is just the pink I love, so I bought it without question. It was pretty pricey, so I hope I get what I want.

Actually, I was in between the transparent Protective Sleeve for MacBook (by ELECOM) which is much cheaper, but I went for the pink one since the color raises my spirits while working.

BTW, I have many pink stuffs on my desk just because of that reason.

What keeps your spirits up at your desk?!

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    Same as you, I like pink color. And I also wish to get a new pink notebook too but no enough budget.

    I think I should save money for myself.

  2. Hi anGeLine!

    Yes! I bought my MacBook after 10 years. LoL Those computers are still pricey for us all X(

    I have to save again for the future replacement, you know.

  3. Im sure you know by now I also love pink stuff hahahaha I agree, colour is super important when it comes to everything because it really changes the mood! The pink case is adorable and I think it's money well spent =) On my desk there is usually some sort of candy or treats LOL I also have to eat or drink something =P

  4. Hi suki,

    Yes, sure I do ;)

    I envy you don't gain weight eating at your desk. I'm afraid of doing that since I can easily eat too much. So, I always brush my teeth before I work. hahaha

  5. hahaha your desk is soooo pink!! what motivates me to work is a big desk and it has to be clean too haha

  6. Hi grub,

    I totally understand you!!! A big clean desk is my ideal, too!!! My darling just bought a huge desk! I think I'm gonna use my dining table to save space... (yes, i will promise to clean up before we eat! haha)


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