Friday, April 1, 2011

My Accomplishments

Time flies! One quarter of the year has passed already!!!

Again, I will list my accomplishments last month and one that was not yet listed for Feb.

On 2/10, my Yurine Clam Chowder Soup received the award for excellence at Hokkaido Asahibeer's contest. Yurine is potato-like vegetable shaped like flower petals. Of course you can use diced potatoes instead ;) Those potato kinds keep the soup warm a little longer.

On 3/8, my Fresh Strawberries and Collagen Gummi Chocolate received the multi posting award. Did I post too many recipes?! LoL Anyways, I used a heart shaped ice maker which I bought at Daiso.

On 3/8, my Montblanc-Like Egg Salad appeared on the KRAFT's recipe card! It was also broadcast on CookTV last month. HERE, you can view the movie! I made this few years ago to make fun of my hun because he doesn't like sweet stuff! I served it for a dinner and I still remember his uncomfortable face! Ha-ha ;)

On 3/10, my Mayo Curry Stir-Fried Diced Potatoes was published in a food magazine called Lettuce Club (3/25 issue). I also added diced sausage that makes the dish rich and appetizing.

On 3/14 my Spring Vegetables and Shredded Steamed Chicken Okazu Salad appeared on Uny's recipe card of March! I call it Okazu salad because it goes good with white rice, too ;)

Last month, I couldn't apply for any contests after all... since it was quite a move after the quake. Hopefully, I will start applying for them from this month!

I'll do my best!!!

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  1. congratulations once again! i watched the short video clip and it was so cute hehehe. its quite amazing that your recipe was made into a video :D

  2. Thank you grub!

    Yes!!! It was also broadcast on TV once and many of my friends watched it :) I wish I can have that kind of chance again but only once in a great while is reality... haha

  3. congrats dear! ur recipes are always v creative n the dish always looks so appetising! did i mention to u that i tried ur mini heart cutlets? hehe, well i did! but i left out the pork... it isnt as easy as i thot it'd be... and the heartshape didnt really show v well. maybe it's cos it's my 1st time attempting it, and i was too generous with the panko coating ;) haha~

    anyways, here's the link to my dish:

  4. i'll love to try ur Mayo Curry Stir-fried Diced Potatoes! Looks very appealing to the eye n im sure it tastes awesome ^_^

    p.s. i googled "yurine" and honestly, i've never seen this b4! is it only available in japan? or maybe i haven paid much attention @ the fruit & vegetable stores?

  5. Hi mica,


    Really?! I will take a look later ;)

  6. Hi mica again,

    Slight curry flavor is liked by many people in Japan. I will translate it someday soon ;)

    I think Yurine is only available in winter (in Japan maybe...). But I think you might find it (in winter) at Japanese grocery stores around your place. It is very Japanese vegetable, so not at the oriental stores, I guess ;)


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