Monday, April 4, 2011

E Ku'u Lei Onaona @ You Tube

E Ku'u Lei Onaona means "my fragrant lei". Lei is likened to the loved one. It's again a Hawaiian love song.

As usual, I posted it on my YouTube account. This time, I used my NEW HD video camera! I hope you enjoy!!!

I will only share this video with my blog buddies who keep in touch with me on a regular basis or Tipness club members who took this "hula hula" class. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and send me a message. I will add you as my friend to share the video.

※Tipness(ティップネス)のHULA HULAで習ったE Ku'u Lei Onaona(エ・クウ・レイ・オナオナ)の振り付けをビデオに記録♪シンガーでクムフラ(古典フラの継承者)Sandii(サンディー)さんのアロハセラピーな楽曲です。見たい方は私のチャンネルに登録してリクエストメッセージを下さい☆

Mahalo :)

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  1. hi dear~ i've sent a friend request to you on youtube :) will love to c ur hula dance! ^_^

    p.s. thanks for ur concern abt the fine! he'll probably be fined AUD$179+/-; and a deduction of 1 point... he feels aggrieved n cant quite believe that he 4got to on the headlights, but cant do anything abt it, just a slight bad luck...

  2. Wah is that your house in the background? It's adorable if it is! Hula dance looks soo nice and exotic, is it hard to learn? Was the HD camera good?

  3. Hi mica,

    Thanks for the request! Not professional, but I hope you get an idea what I love lately ;)

    OMG, AUD$179 is a lot, but I know... once you get the ticket, you cannot reject...

  4. Hi suki,

    Yes! That is the place where my dining set is going to be placed... but still empty at this moment. haha

    Hula dance is pretty slow, so it wasn't that hard to get used to... but if you want to learn professionally, I think it is hard. Nothing is too easy to master. haha. It is still my hobby, so I can take it easy ;P

    I wanted to get a single-lens reflex video camera, but HD was cheaper so I went for it. But yes, it was pretty good than I thought!

  5. Got ur links! Will have a look @ the videos later, i'm sure u dance well:)

  6. mica,

    anytime is okay! no rush ;)


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