Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pasta Pomodoro with Home-Made Basil

My mom gave my darling a planter of basil for his belated birthday gift. I don't know why she gave him the basil, but my darling liked it :)

Today, he picked some leaves, so I cooked pasta pomodoro with basil for lunch!

Yummy :P

We once tried to grow tomatoes and other veggies in our garden of old home but they were all eaten by locusts, so I'm not that positive about growing something but at least we can keep this pot in home, I hope we have no problem!

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  1. oh ochi, that pasta looks SOOOOOOOOO yummy~!! Like something that would pop out at a nice authentic Italian pasta shop! It truly looks delicious and Im sure it tasted that way too!

    Oh that sucks your plan to grow home veggies failed! Bad locusts! I remember when I was young my mom used to grow cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers etc. in the backyard! It was very fun to help her when we were young but Im not so sure about now hahaha but we don't have a garden anymore after we moved!

  2. haha yes it's funny that your mum gave your hubby a pot of basil plant! Is he a plant lover or a basil lover? Basil's got this really unique taste which i like too. I love to cook basil chicken, there's a Chinese/Taiwanese dish called "3 cups chicken" which your hubby might like, cos it has a strong basil & sesame oil taste, yummy! You can google a recipe online, or try the recipe from Rasa Malaysia~ she's got loads of recipes for reference:)

    AND of course, i'll love a plate of your pasta! *smiles*

  3. here's the link @ RasaMalaysia for 3 cups chicken, hope u'll like it!

  4. hehe the basil plant is so cute! i like the jar XD pasta looks yummy too! apparently, if you bruise the leaf there is more flavour

  5. Hi suki :D

    The same for us. We now don't have a garden because we live on the 10th floor! How nice your mom used to grow veggies at home!!! In that way you kind of know how to grow them by yourself!!! My mom didn't so, I don't know where to start… so that might be the reason I failed… haha

  6. Hi mica!

    He is not at all a plant lover. lol
    Wow! Basil and sesame oil sounds delicious!!! It's new to me! I gotta try out 3 cups chicken someday!!!

  7. Thanks for the link, mica :D

  8. Hi grub,

    hehe, I thought you like the jar, too.
    That's right!!! I gotta bruise the leaves next time!!!


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