Friday, April 29, 2011

Buso Marathon and RAKERU Lunch

This morning, my darling and I completed 10km (6 miles) Buso Marathon! At the end, we received a certificate, which is cool :D

Maybe we can try a half marathon (20km) someday!

For lunch, we had omurice at RAKERU. suki told me their omurice is good and was true in Japan, too! I ordered very refreshing omurice with grated radish on top and my darling ordered omurice with demi sauce! Both were rich in taste and not at all fatty because they use healthy egg called Yodoran (Hikari brand of iodine-enriched eggs) which I always use for my cooking and contests :D

My darling is having a nap, so I am blogging. hehe

See ya!

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