Friday, April 29, 2011

Buso Marathon and RAKERU Lunch

This morning, my darling and I completed 10km (6 miles) Buso Marathon! At the end, we received a certificate, which is cool :D

Maybe we can try a half marathon (20km) someday!

For lunch, we had omurice at RAKERU. suki told me their omurice is good and was true in Japan, too! I ordered very refreshing omurice with grated radish on top and my darling ordered omurice with demi sauce! Both were rich in taste and not at all fatty because they use healthy egg called Yodoran (Hikari brand of iodine-enriched eggs) which I always use for my cooking and contests :D

My darling is having a nap, so I am blogging. hehe

See ya!

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  1. morning dearest! hows the weekend morning for u? It seems to be sunny today, so i hope the weather stays that way! I tend to feel very lazy whenever it's too cold ^_^

    So back to topic~~ the omu-rice looks scrumptious!! i'm hungry... n congrats on ur completion of the marathon! i'm neither a sporty nor outdoor person, i think if i participate, i'll give up halfway thru the race >_<

  2. Hi mica,

    We had a nice weather in the morning but cloudy in the afternoon X(

    You know what!? I am not at all sporty... so I try to do sports recently for my health! I first thought I would give up but after you complete, you feel very refreshed, so I like it!

  3. Wow you and your hunni are super active!! That's a very good thing! With us, only my hunni is sport but I am not hahaha it's sooo bad and very poor for my health I know =( But that's amazing for finishing the marathon! congrats!!

    OMG OCHI!!! RAKERU!!!!! omgggggggg I hate you Ochi, why you get to eat it and I don't! hahahaha Im just joking! Im glad you found it enjoyable!!! Did you see their desserts? They're always so adorable and follow the seasons but Im sure that you are really used to seeing such desserts in Japan since there seems to be plenty of yummy dessert places! It is very rare to find dessert places where I live that's why I love Japans variety of foods and DESSERTS! Oh thanks so much for telling us what type of egg they use! I couldn't read the Japanese words but I know they emphasize the egg a lot hahaha my bf was like "whats so special about eggs?" but now I will tell him about the special Yodoran eggs! Sigh, I miss Rakeru so much right now!

  4. What an accomplishment!! Congratulations! Every year there is a 10k run here and I always say i want to do it... the i get busy (or lazy) closer to the date. haha! Good for you and your hubby... something nice to do together! :)

  5. Hi suki,‬

    ‪You are young, so you might not have to worry about your health, but I gained too much weight few years ago, and got really slow in burning calories, so that's why I started to go to the gym and run. hehe‬

    I'm not at all sporty. lol

    Yes! I saw their desserts! I saw some people eating waffles :D Like you know, we do have many desserts places here in Japan!!! You can never finish trying out all of them. haha

  6. Thanks kym,

    I totally understand! The same for me, so my darling applied for it for me before I get busy. haha

    Doing something together is fun but my darling said he wanted to run faster… I have to let him go ahead next time. oops :P


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