Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Whole Fruit Jelly

My darling and I sometimes try out whole fruit jelly. This kind is pretty pricey (costs about $4 each) so we always get one and share in case if it tasted awful. So far we tried apple and orange and both were delicious!!!

Apple Red Wine Jelly produced in Nagano prefecture.

Orange Jelly produced by Miyata Fruit.


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  1. these are actually a pretty common snack in Australia. i remember eating a lot of them in my childhood. generally i like the pear ones :D although they use canned diced fruits instead.

  2. Hi Ochi,

    The jelly looks tasty. I like jelly and sometimes I will eat a lot.

  3. Wow i love Jelly! it looks so yummy! =D wanna have too! wahah yes i'm happy that my laptop is fixed again! because really need it XD ahw the ikea here is also crowded sometimes especially in the weekends wahah but i went this time on a Friday so i think that's the reason =P do you also have cheap food at the Ikea at your place? xx

  4. Hi grub,

    Really?! Pear ones sounds delicious!!! These use fresh fruits tastes like actual fruit. But yes, we do have canned ones, too!!! I like canned orange :D hehe

  5. Hi anGeLine,

    I know! I got the larger portion than my darling. haha

  6. Hi Candy,

    Yes! Lunch here is served really cheap sometimes. The restaurants serve the portions they cannot serve at dinner time and they are amazingly cheap and delicious :D

    Of course, IKEA here is cheap, too :D

  7. o0o0o0o is that what these are?! I sometimes see this at my grocery store but never really know what it is! It looks yummy so maybe I;ll give it a try if I see it again =D

  8. Hi suki,

    Really? Then try out with your hun! I hope it's not too sweet at your place :D


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