Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Day

I used all my paid leaves to date. I thought quitting the job would give me more time but it was impossible. hahaha A month was pretty fast and I found I have a lot of things to do!!!

Last Friday, I went to work to see my co-workers for the last time. They gave me a flower and cookies. The flower was just the color I love :D

Great thanks!!!

I want to best use my time for my creations :)

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  1. morning:) ur colleagues are so sweet... those cookies look really yummy!! did they bake them or was it bought? i'll love to have some cookies for my breakfast:)

  2. morning mica!

    yeah! that's a good idea to have them in the morning :D

    they bought for me. but it looks like handmade since the cookies are from hotel :)

  3. did u try them yet? are they yummy? handmade cookies always have that buttery taste & softness that i love:) i dont have any cookies @ home, so breakfast is going to be raisin toast & coffee^_^

    is it morning for u too? what did u have for breakfast? i think u're busy cleaning & editing videos? =D

    have a gd day dear!

  4. oh n yes! i'm trying to beautify my blog, since i have so much time @ home. i'm looking for jobs & the rest of the time, i'm idling><

    job search isnt easy!!!!

  5. you know me, mica!

    yeah, i am busy doing my stuff and the housework.

    it is 10am so i already finished my breakfast. we always eat onigiri ;)

    handmade cookies are buttery, yes! I tried some of them and were buttery and tasted expensive. lol (not cheap. haha)

  6. hi mica,

    is it time for you to look for a job?! so that means you graduated from school?! i know it is not easy, but take time and i hope you can find what you want to do!!! you are pretty creative and i think many companies want person like you these days ;)

  7. Ochi,

    Your coworkers are generous!! Everyone seem so nice to get you fuchsia pink flowers and biscuits.Those biscuits looked yummy!!

    I'm so stressed working in new place.I don't know why I always acted like that..

    I'm trying to upload something on my blog.Still having difficulty in uploading.

  8. OMG OCHI!! Did you do it?? DID YOU QUIT YOUR JOB!??!?!?!?! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! If so, i am so happy for you and I ADMIRE YOU!

  9. hi jose,‬

    ‪i hope your photo problem fixes soon X(‬

    ‪yes, the co-workers were nice, finally?! hahaha‬

    i feel like you can start up your own business someday soon ;) i know you and ken can do it!!!

    me?! i hate to create something as a work, so i gonna enjoy this life for a while. haha

  10. hi kim,

    yes! finally!!!
    life is short, so i thought i have to use my time wisely!!!


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