Monday, May 9, 2011

My Accomplishments

Here are my accomplishments in April.

I'm glad I do have some to post since I didn't have enough time to apply for the contests in March because we moved...

The first one was actually the award from 2/15. The result was recently released on the web. My Healthy Steamed Okonomiyaki using a lots of cabbage and grated yam won the grand prize!!! It was a contest to use the silicon microwave steamer (silicon tools are now popular in Japan). I
thought Okonomiyaki is too simple so I'm glad it was accepted :D

On 4/8, my Tuna Mayonnaise Kelp Rice Bowl won a prize at the kelp recipe contest. I used salt flavored kelp, which really makes food tasty and goes good with rice!!! My darling loves this kind ;)

On 4/15, my Okara Dashi Mayo Salad was published in the spring catalog of Kamada (dashi soy sauce products manufacturer). Okara is a bean curd refuse which is very healthy and low in calories. I love it but my darling doesn't like this kind of hard-to-swallow rough food. So I marinated it with mayonnaise and dashi soy sauce like a potato salad and he liked it in this way :D

On 4/15 my Healthy Black Soy Smoothie received a honorable mention at soy milk recipe contest. I love soy milk that I don't even drink a milk these days. I'm glad I'm gonna receive soy milk for a month as a prize. hehe

On 4/23, my Sausage TarTar Rolls won the Primaham Award. I gotta try this contest again since I never won the higher prize at this contest even I think my recipe is good... LoL

See you tomorrow ;)

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