Monday, May 9, 2011

My Accomplishments

Here are my accomplishments in April.

I'm glad I do have some to post since I didn't have enough time to apply for the contests in March because we moved...

The first one was actually the award from 2/15. The result was recently released on the web. My Healthy Steamed Okonomiyaki using a lots of cabbage and grated yam won the grand prize!!! It was a contest to use the silicon microwave steamer (silicon tools are now popular in Japan). I
thought Okonomiyaki is too simple so I'm glad it was accepted :D

On 4/8, my Tuna Mayonnaise Kelp Rice Bowl won a prize at the kelp recipe contest. I used salt flavored kelp, which really makes food tasty and goes good with rice!!! My darling loves this kind ;)

On 4/15, my Okara Dashi Mayo Salad was published in the spring catalog of Kamada (dashi soy sauce products manufacturer). Okara is a bean curd refuse which is very healthy and low in calories. I love it but my darling doesn't like this kind of hard-to-swallow rough food. So I marinated it with mayonnaise and dashi soy sauce like a potato salad and he liked it in this way :D

On 4/15 my Healthy Black Soy Smoothie received a honorable mention at soy milk recipe contest. I love soy milk that I don't even drink a milk these days. I'm glad I'm gonna receive soy milk for a month as a prize. hehe

On 4/23, my Sausage TarTar Rolls won the Primaham Award. I gotta try this contest again since I never won the higher prize at this contest even I think my recipe is good... LoL

See you tomorrow ;)

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wow! you know stuff about food don't you? hehe
    I really envy your hubby, he must feel like in the heaven everyday eating so many amazing things..
    I will vote for you and hope you win the number one prize soon!!

  2. Thanks Jenia,

    Sometimes my darling has to eat something he doesn't like (for example cookies. LoL) so I don't think he is in the heaven. oops.

    Thanks for the vote! You mean the vote links?! hehe
    I actually put these links as a default, so I didn't even realize those were still there since I started this blog! They are not working as I expected = not a lot of votes ever since. haha

  3. haha i like reading your accomplishments! it's like a feeling of success and happiness (for you, but it makes me feel happy for you :D) the steamed okonomiyaki sounds interesting and more healthy. next time i will try adding some grated yam too

  4. Yummy! & congrats! =D ahh i see you work in a sushi restaurant! i love sushi! =D here in the Netherlands sushi is very popular since a few years ago =P you live in Tokyo? i really wanna go there! especially to Harajuku XD i have family in Kobe xx

  5. Hi grub,

    I'm glad you said so. haha
    In this way, I can keep myself up :D

    Yes! Okonomiyaki powder sometimes contains yam powder, but it is always nice and fluffy to add the real one!!!

  6. Thanks anGeLine!!!

    I'm glad to see you up on your blog!

  7. Hi Candy,

    I was a waitress, so I didn't cook anything but watched what people ordered. hehe

    Yes, I live in Tokyo. I haven't been to Harajyuku for more than a decade, though I live very close (30 min by train), but I believe you love there!!!

    Kobe is a nice place, too!!! My grandma lives there!!!

  8. Congratulations Ochi!!

    I am very curious about the steamed okonomiyaki, my husband and I love them, but the regular ones are so heavy and greasy-

  9. Hi Theda,

    OK, then I will make this Okonomiyaki tutorial someday soon :D I hope you can get the yam and other ingredients, but anyway, it is very fun and easy recipe that I want to share ;)

  10. You have amazing accomplishments Ochi!!! I wish I could cook like you! I would LOVE to try the steamed okonomiyaki~! I love that snack and always order it, but I think the restaurants make it too big for me to finish! >< I also think it tastes a lot like takoyaki hahahaha, I love eating those at the night market! =D

    Congrats on all your accomplishments Ochi! Keep them coming!

  11. おめでとう!My friend gave me one of those silicon steamers and I've only been making steamed vegetables. I didn't realize you can cook a whole meal in there! Your okonomiyaki looks delicious. :D

  12. thanks suki,‬

    how nice the restaurants make big okonomiyaki! here in japan, foods are pretty small. haha

    and yes, okonomiyaki and takoyaki taste similar! you have Japanese night market there in Canada?!

  13. Hi ReBekha,

    Thanks!!! Blogger was down for a day and your comment went away, so I am copying it from my e-mail.

    Yes! You can cook rice and many other dishes in the silicon steamers! I will post the okonomiyaki recipe someday soon!!!


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