Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sauteed Pork With Salt Sauce - Video Recipe

New video is up now :D

This is one of my popular recipes!
At this moment, more than 1400 people have photo reported and said they liked it, so please try it out if you get a chance :)

It takes me a day to shoot video and another day to edit... omg the quality is not that good... Instead of retaking it, I will try my best the next time!!!

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  1. morning dearest, i was just wondering what to cook for lunch & dinner, and after seeing this video, i think i'll try this dish! dont think it'll taste as gd as urs though! ^-^

  2. p.s. yes lately i've been using iphone to take all my blog's pictures cuz i left behind my digi cam in singapore :(

    I've got lots of camera apps in my iphone! hehe, i love photography, esp taking pics of food:)

    Some of the camera apps I use: Camera+, Leme Cam, sosoCamera, iDarkroom, InstantCam, EasyLomo, Genius

  3. Hi mica,

    Thanks a lot for watching!!!
    I'm glad I gave you an idea for your meal :D

  4. Thanks mica!!!

    I think you are best using iPhone camera!!! I gotta learn from you!!!

    I will try out those because I just have apps on my first page... which seems not fully using iPhone itself X(
    I mostly use the internet (browsing only)... haha

  5. I will try this for sure!! Tomorrow! :D Thank you so much for making these videos, they are so helpful with cooking, so much better than just words.
    As of my post about gyaru and diet..
    I am not as young as I hope! Unfortunately((
    So that's why I want to try this style before I get too old for it!Cuz that time is around the corner ((
    For me too - my body hasn't gotten enought exercize for years.. haha BUT its never too late to start, right? :D

  6. Wow.. such a lovely dish. I think you did a good job on the video. BTW, you eat the cabbage raw? Don't need to cook it at all?

  7. Hi Jenia,

    I'm glad to know that my video helped you! I hope I could make more of these so that you can actually choose a recipe you want.

    I totally agree with you! Never too late! And trying to become young (feeling of tension) is important, so I always try to wear makeup and try to read fashion magazine once in a while. I know I am not at the age to shop at Shibuya 109 (if u know there) but it's my favorite place :D

  8. Hi Tsu Lin,

    Good question!!! We do eat raw cabbage in Japan like we eat raw carrot. But you can substitute lettuce for it if the cabbage leaves are not soft to eat. Or you don't eat raw veggies at all?! Of course, you can microwave it or stir-fry it before you serve!


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